Viele Strassen 2024

Viele Strassen is a driving extravaganza featuring some of the best roads in the country and held at the beautiful and historic West Baden Springs Resort in French Lick, Indiana. On Thursday, we arrive and begin the festivities at the welcome reception. On Friday, we take our first drive through scenic Southern Indiana and will be stopping for lunch along the drive.

On Saturday, we take the second drive and again, lunch is at our destination. Saturday night is a cocktail party and Dinner Under the Dome.

On each drive you will have the option of a technical driving group focused on the technical aspects of driving, or a touring group to enjoy the great scenery.

On Sunday, we depart for home.

Of course, the people that attend are what really sets Viele Strassen apart from any other event. As of now, there are Porsche enthusiasts from 14 different regions within PCA and most are returning from last year’s Viele Strassen. Check out our Event Photos and scroll down to all of the Viele Strassen pictures from August of 2023. Everyone had such a great time and it’s evident from all of the smiling faces! We hope you are inspired to join us and make new friends and wonderful memories!

You will experience fine dining, fantastic surroundings and an experience that only Viele Strassen provides. Do not be left out of the MAGIC that happens at Viele Strassen!

Registration Instructions

With your credit card and PCA member number in hand, click this link

This is the registration site. You will be required to create a free account with to access the Viele Strassen registration. In the upper right of the Viele Strassen registration screen, click on “create free account”. Once you have created your account, write down your account password as it will be required. If you already have an account with them, you may proceed directly to Viele Strassen registration.

After that, exit the site and then re-open the Viele Strassen registration site. You can then complete the registration process and follow the link to West Baden Springs Hotel for room registration.

All information as it relates to the event such as dates, fees and room rates are stated on the registration site.

Several Committee members are available to assist with registration:

  • Scott Klueh 812-499-2413
  • Mark Faris 812-204-4229
  • Dave Hostetter 618-204-3547

Outstanding roads, great people and an amazingly beautiful location. See you at Viele Strassen!