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2018 Porsche Turbo S Exclusive Series

Pictures from Day 2 of the Porsche Parade on Monday June 10th in Birmingham, AL of a special car, the 2018 Porsche Turbo S Exclusive Series. Only 500 produced. Extra 27 HP for a total of 607 HP with 553 Torque. Lot of carbon fiber including the roof and hood. Base price of $258k with additional options available. WOW! Just a spectacular car!

The color of this car is Golden Yellow Metallic. Normal Turbo S 7 speed dual clutch PDK. Just amazing!

Carbon fiber roof and hood with many special highlights.

The car has an extra 27 horsepower for a total of 607 with 553 foot pounds of torque.

The interior is fantastic as well with lots of gold highlights and carbon fiber.

The wheels are amazing with their gold highlights – although full carbon fiber wheels are an option. Notice the gold lettering on the brake calipers.

The owner has added Soul Exhaust for a little more rumble.

I am so jealous of the carbon fiber wing and all the other carbon fiber pieces.

1 of 500 car. Just so cool. Cars like this are selling in the $330k range now.

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