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2005 Porsche Carrera GT – Trissl Sports Cars

Pictures from Day 4 of the Porsche Parade June 12th in Birmingham, AL. Back at the hotel we stumbled into an amazing car. Trissl Sports Cars of Florence, AL had allowed the Porsche Parade to use their 2005 Porsche Carrera GT for one of the technical sessions at the Parade. It was parked in from of the hotel awaiting its trailer to take the ride back home. Tracy of TMT America was driving it, and gave us a few minutes to look it over. FANTASTIC!

Absolutely beautiful 2005 GT Silver Metallic Porsche Carrera GT. Owned by Trissl Sports Cars.

What a car! The rear spoiler is active and goes straight up and down electronically.

20 year old design is still iconic. Total weight is 3042 pounds for this rear wheel drive automobile.

The car has a carbon fiber tub which is show in this picture. Racing seats.

Six speed manual transmission with a twin plate ceramic clutch.

Carbon fiber racing bucket seats.

It does have the Porsche emblem and not a sticker.

Frunk in this mid engine beast.

Thomas Trissl is the owner with signatures by Grant Larson and Tony Hatter – both significant Porsche designers. Grant – Carrera GT, Type 997, 911 Speedster, Boxster Spyder and 911 Sport Classic. Tony – Carrera GT, Porsche 993, Porsche Cayman and 911 GT1.

5.7L V-10 with 603 HP and 435 Torque and a 8400 RPM redline. Top speed is over 205 MPH.

15″ carbon ceramic rotors and fixed six piston brake calipers.

15″ carbon ceramic rotors and fixed six piston brake calipers on the rear as well.

What a fantastic design. 1 of 1270 produced, 264 in GT Silver Metallic. Very fast and dangerous car!

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