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1961 Porsche 356 B Normal

Pictures of this 1961 Porsche 356 B Normal which was restored by Keith Snyder of our Porsche Club. The car was revealed by Keith and his daughter Lauren at our 25th Anniversary Celebration for our Chapter meeting on last Saturday, June 1st. Beautiful job on the restoration. He mad some functional changes to the car while staying true to the original design. Outstanding work!

Keith and his daughter, Lauren, doing the reveal.

Keith talking about some of the details of the restoration.

Keith, his daughter Lauren and his wife Jill.

Beautiful interior. He used leather instead of the original vinyl while staying true to the design.

The car is finished in silver metallic paint. Just spectacular!

Nothing was missed on this restoration.

Keith updated the car with disc brakes in front and LED lighting (still 6 volt electrical system).

The engine is not installed yet. Originally, it was 90 horsepower.

Such a work of art!

Just a beautiful car!

Cool grill badges including one for our chapter.

Early picture showing some of the work required.

After paint and before assembly.

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