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Porsche Parade Day 7 – Parade Lap around Barber

Pictures from Day 7 of the Porsche Parade on Saturday June 15th in Birmingham, AL. Today we met at CCM to stage our drive and gather up cars for the formal “Porsche Parade”. The estimates were about 300 Porsches participated in the drive. We took a drive through some of the winding roads to Barber Motorsports Park. We then drive the track for one lap ending near the Museum. We stopped for a quick look and then headed to Birmingham Porsche for a quick visit. Then back to the hotel and dinner at Uptown Cantina. Another fun day!

The red arrow shows Marie waving at me at our car, just before we headed off on the official Porsche Parade.

Gary was one of the volunteers, greeting us at the entrance to CCM for staging. He is a trooper, driving his Ford truck down to participate in the Porsche Parade while waiting for his new Porsche to arrive at the dealership.

A new Porsche 911 Dakar was one of the lead cars for the Parade.

Marie jumped in and helped hand out water to the participants.

Kim and Mike ready for the Parade.

Our blue Porsche Turbo S in the pack for the drive.

Our Wisconsin friends in their 1970 914-6 ready for the drive.

Jeff was one of the first to arrive giving him the anchor spot. He was able to go right after the Porsche officials and VIPs.

Cars are lining up with about 45 minutes to go.

Lots of Porsches.

Our new friends and favorite event sweeps – Todd, Bonnie and Lisa.

Just an amazing amount of Porsches.

Cool orange Porsche.

Momo racing Porsche inside CCM.

Cool Cayman lining up. Sort of the opposite colors of Mark’s car.

CCM McLaren sitting outside.

Great looking Porsches continuing to roll in.

And a Nissan GT-R off to the side. Still love them!

Rennbow of Porsche colors.

More and more cars.

Lot of cars in the lot.

Our blue Porsche on the right.

Another Safety Meeting – led by Manuel’s favorite guy.

Almost ready to go.

Final group picture before leaving.

And we are off.

After driving through some great winding roads and hills, we are back at Barber Motorsports Park.

Entering the Speedway section.

A line of Porsches behind us in the side view mirror.

Racetrack side barriers just outside the curve. I want to see Indycars on this track!

Great being on the track, but the speed was very slow.

All kinds of interesting things around the track. I couldn’t get a picture of the mannequin hanging from the one bridge.

After the drive, back at the Museum for a quick run through the store.

Stopped at Birmingham Porsche to check out their cars and merchandise.

Very nice Porsche Cayman GT4 RS inside. Already sold.

That night we had dinner at the Uptown Cantina – Marie never misses a fun photo opportunity.

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