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Porsche Parade Day 6 – Talladega Superspeedway

Pictures from Day 6 of the Porsche Parade on Friday June 14th in Birmingham, AL. Today we drove to Talladega Superspeedway for some laps around the track. This has to be one of the most exciting things I have ever done! The track has 33 degree banking in its turns and 16.5 degree banking in the trioval section. The track is 2.66 miles around with a 4300 foot front stretch and a 4000 foot backstretch. The track is 48 feet wide with four lanes plus a 12 foot apron. The corners are nearly three stories tall. You could fit all 16 SEC football stadiums inside it. Its just insanity!

Finally, we made it inside the track. What a place!

They lined us up with about 10 cars at a time. Red Pace trucks in front and at the back. Wow!

Bob in front of Dean and Jacque.

Some of our gang finding a seat and some shade – Manuel, Dee Dee, Jacque and Marie.

Bob on one of his runs in his Shark Blue Turbo S with the carbon fiber roof.

Manuel in his grey and yellow Turbo S Cabriolet followed by Cesar in his Shark Blue GT4 RS.

Bob in his Turbo S followed by Dean and Jacque in their Guards Red Cayman GTS.


Above is a link to a cool video that Michael put together from the films of our drives that day. It is on our Sir-PCA YouTube channel.

Mike and Kim in their Black Macan S.

Scott in his Guards Red Turbo S Cabriolet. (Scott won’t have any Porsche that isn’t Guards Red.)

Mark in front of the Talladega sign in his black with yellow stripes Cayman.

2nd from the left are Mike and Kim in their black Macan, fourth from the left is Bob in Shark Blue Turbo S, fifth is Dean and Jacque in their Guards Red Cayman GTS and furthest on the right is Scott in his Guards Red Turbo S.

Pulling back into the pit, first Manual, fourth is Mike and Kim, 6th is Bob, 7th is Dean and Jacque, and 8th is Scott.

Our friends from Wisconsin in their green 914-6 making their run.

Mark after his run and he is happy!

Bob and his new track pal, Terry. Terry paid extra and ran about 50 laps. Bob did one extra round for 12 laps at the cost of $85.

Another new track friend, Cesar. He ran about 50 laps at Talladega as well.

Our group in the winner’s circle – Kim, Jacque, Marie, Dee Dee, Manuel, Scott, Mike and Dean.

Marie doing a selfie with Bob, Jacque, Kim Dee Dee, Manuel, Mike, Scott and Dean. Fun times!

Marie with the Austin Dillon cut out.

The we drove to the highly recommended Back Porch Grill at Clear Creek Marina.

More of our cars.

And the last two – Mark and Dean.

Dean and Jacque shoring their moves.

The Back Porch Grill.

Great food!

Our table – Kim, Mike, Marie, Dee Dee, Mark, Scott, Manuel, Bob, Dean and Jacque.

We all headed back, but Marie and Bob veered off to go to Liberty Park and the Statue of Liberty replica.

This is Marie in front of the 30 foot Statue of Liberty replica (1/5 size) mounted on at 60 foot granite pedestal.

Back at the hotel, we gathered up to go to dinner.

Most of the group had a nice dinner at Dillard’s Chophouse in the Westin Hotel. What a great day!

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