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Porsche Parade Day 5 – Cheaha State Park Drive

Pictures from Day 5 of the Porsche Parade on Thursday June 13th in Birmingham, AL. Today we met at CCM to stage our drive, then left for a drive to Cheaha State Park, then lunch at Classic on Noble in Aniston, AL, then a late dinner at The Village Tavern at the Summit Mall in Mountain Brook, AL.

Manuel’s car, Bob’s car and Scott’s car at the hotel, ready to go.

Since we were 5 minutes late, we were put last and in the penalty box.

While waiting at CCM, we had a brace red fox scrounging around for food.

Cars parked at the rest stop in the middle of the drive.

A lot of cool Porsches on this drive.

US Army wrap on this Panamera S.

Lime gold 911 Targa 4S.

Silver 1972 911 T.

Manuel taking his break in the nearest shade.

Love it – Darth 2 license place on the 911 Carrera GTS. Not sure what the paint color is, but cool.

Interesting colors on this Porsche 718 Boxster S.

Like the blue on this great looking Turbo. This model has a great look!

Miami blue (I think) on this 911 Carrera GTL. I had to look up the GTL – it is a lightweight version of the 911 T.

Killdeer with eggs in the rocks on the island in the middle of the parking lot. Nature finds a way.

With the first part of the drive complete, we are now entering the Cheaha State Park Mountain Gate.

Parking was tough to find at the park.

Bald Rock Lodge near the lookout point.

Scott and Manuel at the start of the walkway to get to the lookout point.

Todd (our sweep and new pal) and Bob at the lookout trail entrance.

Quite a path to get to the lookout. Lucky that I am in peak physical condition.

The lookout. Each white area in the distance is a town.

Panoramic shot with Scott and Manuel on the left.

You can see for miles and miles.

Then we had a 25 minute drive down to Aniston, AL and the Classic on Noble Restaurant in the center of the downtown area.

They had a section of tables set up for us. Historic restaurant.

Great buffet – the food was some of the best for the week.

Some of our group posing on the wall mural at the end of the block – Mark, Dean, Jacque and Manuel.

Upon arriving back at the hotel was a cool group of older Porsches parked out front.

That evening, a few of us had dinner at The Village Tavern located at the Summit Mall in Mountain Brook, AL.

The dessert was wonderful.

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