2024 Event Photos

Porsche Parade Day 3 – Classic Car Motoring

Pictures from Day 3 of the Porsche Parade on Tuesday, June 11th in Birmingham, AL. Classic Car Motoring in Irondale, AL was the staging location for all of our drives. They have a huge parking lot and a large building where they have a Luxury and Exotic Collision Repair Center; CCM Film Studio for paint protection film, window tint and vinyl wraps; and a Personalization business where they do exterior and interior enhancements. And they have a fantastic inventory of Luxury and Exotic cars for sale as well. So, every morning before going on drives we met here and were able to look at some of their vehicles and what they were doing. GREAT STAGING LOCATION FOR OUR DRIVES!!!

The front of the Classic Car Motoring building. What a fantastic place! They were very hospitable as well. Donuts and fruit as well as water were available each morning.

Some of our gang arriving for our drive on Tuesday. Multiple drives were happening every day, so they arranged the parking by each of the drives and then groups within each drive.

More cars gathering up. A lot of organization is required of all the volunteers to make this work.

The parking lot was eventually full of the multiple drives and multiple groups.

Scott, Dean and Mark ready to go.

Kim and Mike ready to go as well.

Inside Classic Cars Motoring. What a place!

Classic Car Motoring GT4 in one of their wraps.

2015 Silver Porsche 918 – they are so cool. Looks fast at a standstill. Hugely capable hybrid!

Older Porsche, but looking good.

Looks like a 2024 Cayenne Turbo GT. Like the Porsche on the side. Cool black and white look.

Earlier off road version of a Dakar?

And another off road version of a Carrera.

Another cool Porsche.

Peering into one of the work areas, looks like Collision Repair.

This was a Porsche 356 body that they were cleaning and clear coating for future placement in the Barber Museum.

Back in the paint and film areas. Several Ferraris and Porsches.

Some of the CCM offices. Everything is really neat.

Just another race car – this one competed in the Concours d’Elegance show as well.

Nothing like having three Porsche GT2 RSs in a row! First, a blue one.

Then a white one.

Then a silver one. WOW! I need one.

Shark Blue next to a Club Blau Club Sport car. Very nice. And the two colors of our Turbo S cars.

Each drive begins with a Safety Briefing in the CCM conference room area.

And just before leaving you meet the Lead and the Sweep. They both give you an introduction and their cell phone numbers. For our drives, the Leads and Sweeps, all did a fine job.

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