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Porsche Parade Day 3 – Barber Motorsports Park Museum

Pictures from Day 3 of the Porsche Parade on Tuesday, June 11th at Barber Motorsports Park Museum near Birmingham, AL. We completed a scenic drive and ended up at Barber Motorsports Park Museum. We were able to get a guided tour of the spectacular museum. It is a dream for a motorcyclist or a car person. They have perfectly restored race cars and every motorcycle you could think of. Just amazing! This is also a Porsche Driving School and we were able to see some of the training taking place.

The entrance to this spectacular facility. The grounds are just amazing with a racing track in all of this nature.

Some of our cars parked and ready for us to tour the museum.

I hate seeing this guy in his Ultraviolet 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS. (I had one just like this – ugh)

Couple of cool Porsches. The red one with the copper wheel rims was in the Concours d’Elegance competition.

Heading into the Museum.

It’s just an amazing building.

5 levels with a huge spiral walkway and a car size elevator in the center.

Cars and motorcycles everywhere.

What a display!

Cars up, down, on the walls, just everywhere.

Kenny taking a picture of me taking a picture of them. I think Jim and Marty egged him on.

The wings of the building just go on forever.

Just an overload of your senses.

It takes about 4 days to really look at everything displayed. They have a guy who keeps a journal of every item in this place.

They have vehicles in displays like Matchbox cars.


On and on…..

Motorcycles from the floor to the ceiling.

Fantastic Porsches and many other vehicles.

Love the Gulf livery. Its iconic.

Motorcycles of every kind and every significant model.

Race cars old and new.

Looking down.

Looking around.

Love the Hayabusa! Had one for a long time.

Looking out at the track, nestled in the rolling hills.

Jeff, Terry, Vicki and Mitch walking across the track bridge.

Cars lined up below – and boat motors on the far wall. Just amazing!

Yamaha V-Max – so cool. Owned a 1992 for 10 years ultimate muscle bike.

Yes, a 1600 CC – two 800 CC motors put together. Looks like it came that way!

Indycars and Formula 1 cars.

Racing motorcycles.

I’m running out of words to describe this place.

And yes, that’s a racecar on top of the elevator – why not?

So cool.

Just wow.

And more cars on the way to our catered lunch in the Museum.

Historic Porsches.

Race cars with outboard boat motors hanging above them.

Our catered lunch underway.

Porsche training cars on the track.

Just cool.

Jim, Kenny, Marty and Rita. Never know who you will find in the woods.

The grounds and water works are just so cool.

Looking at cars going by through the clear panels on the floor of the walking bridge.

Dean, Manuel and Bob

Cars just zipping around the curve.

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