2024 Event Photos

Porsche Parade – Day 1

Day 1 for us was Sunday June 9th. Several of us joined the group drive to Birmingham, AL the location of this year’s Porsche Parade.

We drove a couple of hours and stopped at Bricktop’s in Franklin, TN, (Cool Springs) for lunch. We had a group of seven cars for the trip. Manuel’s car, Bob’s car, Rich’s car and Mark’s car.

Dean and Scott’s cars.

Mike and Kim’s Macan in the second row.

Nice place! Great steak and eggs.

Dean, Jacque, Rich, Michael, Mike, Kim, Scott, Linda, Marie, Bob, Dee Dee, Manuel and Mark.

Further down the road we stopped at Buc-ee’s. This was my first experience at one of these. What a place!

Bob’s Turbo S at the pump. We all filled up our tanks.

Buc-ee’s is just insane. Lines off the interstate to get in and lines to get out. And a lot of gas pumps.

And inside was the same. Any kind of food you could want. People everywhere.

Finally at the Porsche Parade. We ran into Criss and Macie almost immediately.

Mike and Kim

Kim, Dean and Jacque – at least one of them was smiling for the photographer.

Manuel and Dee Dee

Marie and Bob

Mike, Jim and Rich

Gary and Mark

Scott and Linda

Mark and Cheryl

We then headed for the Zone meetings. And on the way this fantastic Pirelli GT3 RS. Amazing!

I just love these!

Rich pointing out Southern Indiana on the sign showing all the Regions.

Mark, our Zone 13 Rep handing out the cool poster to Mike.

Macie and Marie enjoying the get together.

Marty, Lisa, Rita, Gary, Jim and Kenny

Kim and Mike

Gary and Lisa

Bob and Marie

Linda and Jacque

Rich pointing out Southern Indiana in Zone 13. As always, we have great representation from our small Region.

The Zone 13 gang. Nice!

And all of the Zones. Lot of folks at Porsche Parade!

After the Zone meeting, we had dinner at the Uptown Cantina Fresh Mex. We ended up eating here a few times. Loved the guacamole.

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