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First Saturday at D-Patrick – 25th Anniversary Celebration

Pictures from our 25th Anniversary Celebration for our Southern Indiana Region Porsche Club of America group. We had about 70 folks at D-Patrick Porsche for the celebration. The event included two vehicle unveilings, two award presentations, many door prizes, and breakfast and lunch provided by Acropolis Catering. A great time was had by all even though it was raining.

Our 25th Anniversary Celebration for our Southern Indiana Region of PCA wasn’t hampered by the rain!

Our Southern Indiana Region of the Porsche Club of America – 25th Anniversary.

Kenny, Jim and Marty.

Cheryl and Austin.

Marie, Pam and Linda were checking everyone into the event.

Don and Donna found a place to sit. Notice the University of Kentucky cup – they have good taste!

Rich and Brett.

Mike and Mark.

Mike and Gabe.

Ryan, Randy and Karen.

Travis in front of the Porsche color samples.

Jerry and Norm.

Kim and Kathy.

Joe checking out some of the goodies.

Armen with the Porsche poster.

Phil and Cheryl.

Jeff and Terry.

Benny and Lee Ann.

Brett and Keith.

Matt and Ryan.

Richard and Karen.

Doc – a West Virginia Mountaineer.

Dave, Debbie and Jeff.

Macie showing off grandchild pictures to Cheryl.

Benny and Brian.

Danny and Chris.

Lisa, Marty and Gary.

Tony Ricketts of D-Patrick opened the presentation with some remarks. The success of the chapter and D-Patrick Porsche have gone hand in hand.

Tony and D-Patrick have been huge supporters of our Southern Indiana Region of PCA – which includes part of Kentucky and Illinois in our group.

Tony introduced his team, Damien McDonald and Harley Hensley to talk about the first vehicle reveal – the 2024 Porsche Panamera 4 in black.

Harley Hensley of D-Patrick reviews some of the features of the Panamera 4 including the new dashboard and electronics, 8 speed PDK, 348 horsepower, and all wheel drive.

The next reveal was of Keith Snyder’s restoration of a 1961 Porsche 356 B Normal.

Keith, Jill and their daughter Lauren in front of their beautiful car.

The car is just spectacular – we have put out a separate post in our OTHER PHOTOS tab with more pictures and details on this car.

Mike and Laura beside the restored Porsche.

Kathy, Eric, Sharon and Gary finding a seat where ever they can.

Heidi, Rich, Norm and Joe.

Gary talking with Harley about his new car which has been built and is on the way. How exciting!

Tyler, Kenn and Austin.

Sharon, Gary and Criss.

Joe, Mark, Mike, Lori and Scott.

Jerry and Laura – who just won a door prize.

Cheryl handing Kathy her door prize – a cool Porsche clock. NICE!

Lori and Eric.

Scott, Jerry and Mark. Jerry was presented with an Award for all the work he and Susan have done for the chapter – photography, web site, stories, etc., etc., etc.

Jerry and Susan’s Award for their tireless efforts in supporting our club – photos, stories, web site, name badges and on and on.

Our next Award was for Heidi Dunniway for 100,000 miles driven in her Porsche from buying it new. Wow!

Heidi’s award. Very impressive – 100,000 miles in her 2018 Porsche Macan.

Judy getting her nice door prize from Mark and Cheryl.

Cheryl and Mark presenting Dale with a Porsche light as his door prize. (I am jealous.)

Joe won a $250 gift certificate from D-Patrick Porsche. Nice! Thanks D-Patrick.

Marty with her door prize.

Food and Service provided by Acropolis Catering.

Lee Ann and Danny leading the gang through the buffet.

Rainy day – but the Porsches still look good.

And more Porsches.

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