2024 Event Photos

Drive to Stoll’s Lakeview Restaurant in Loogootee, IN

Pictures from our drive to Stoll’s Lakeview Restaurant in Loogootee, IN. Today we had 15 cars and 24 people. We drove a series of backroads which made for an enjoyable and entertaining drive. Great buffet lunch at Stoll’s. Another fantastic drive!

Barry and his friend Rodney in Barry’s Chalk 911 Targa S.

Mike and Lori in their silver 911 Cabriolet.

Dean and Jacque standing in front of their red Cayman GTS.

Randy behind his Sapphire Blue Boxster GTS.

Gabe in front of his dark blue Macan.

Don and Donna with their black Boxster Spyder.

Duy in front of his black Cayenne.

Norm in front of his silver Boxster GTS 4.0.

Kenny and Rita in front of their red Boxster.

Jerry with his Grandson, Hunter in front of his silver 911 Carrera. (Love the wing!)

Mark in front of his Casa Blanca Beige Metallic 928.

Joe and Jean in front of their Boxster S.

Mark and Cheryl in their silver Boxster Spyder.

Gail and Dave in front of their Grey Macan S.

Me in front of my Shark Blue Turbo S.

Lori is smiling even through she was stung by a bee during the drive!

After a vigorous drive, we stopped at Stoll’s Lakeview Restaurant for lunch.

Great views when you add 15 Porsches to the parking lot.

Mike and Mark’s cars.

Our red, blue and white in front of gold. (almost red, white and blue.)

Don, Dave and Kenny on the left. Jerry, Hunter, Mark, Jacque, Duy, Gail and Donna on the right.

Lori, Jean and Dean on the left. Cheryl, Mark, Mike and Norm on the right.

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