2024 Event Photos

33 Brick Street Drive

Great drive to 33 Brick Street in French Lick, Indiana. Fun visit to Larry Bird’s Place (number 33) in a “legendary atmosphere”.

Good times – Gabe, Dean, Duy, Doug and Cheryl.

Steve, Mike, Kathy, Eric, and Pam.

Jerry, Lea Ann, Rita, Kenny and Dave.

Phil, Darrell, Norman and Dawn.

Don, Mike, Kim and Donna.

Who are those two good looking guys? (Scott and Bob)

Doug next to his Porsche.

Mike, Dean and Mark.

Mike’s silver Carrera S.

Bob’s Turbo S.

Scott’s Turbo S.

Dave’s silver Boxster.

Gabe’s Macan.

Steve’s car.

Mark’s Cayman.

Norman’s silver Boxster – love the red top.

More Porsches!

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