2023 Event Photos

Viele Strassen – Dinner Under the Dome

On Saturday night we had a nice dinner “Under the Dome” of the West Baden Springs hotel. Just amazing experience!

Quite a group from multiple PCA Regions and states. Great inaugural event!

Robert and Teresa

Todd and Ann

Eric and Kathy

Doug and Lisa

Bob and Marie

Dean and Jacque

Mike and Lori

Brett and Terri

Phil and Dawn

Don and Ginny

Scott and Linda

Austin and Mark

Greg and Wendy

Shaun and Deanne

William and Jo Anne

Ken and Joan

Anthony and Sandy

Tom and Jennifer

Doug and Kathy

Rob and Jane

Manuel and Dee Dee



Jerry and Lea Ann

Ken and Carol

Rob and Kelley


Harley and Celine

Matt and Amber

Jason and Cassie

Steven and Kay


Don and Donna

Mike and Paula

Ed and Kate

Wendell and Julie

Kelly and Michele

Jason and Kristin

Gary and Susan

Mark and Cheryl

Jimmie and Jennifer

Damien and Katelyn

Criss and Macie

Dale and Judy

Jay and Jacqueline

Mark and Pam

Steve and Karen

Bob and Brigitta

Jimmy and Maureen

Ann and Bryce

Dave and Gail

Joe and Jean

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