2023 Event Photos

Overlook Drive

Overlook Restaurant Sign

One of our favorite drives – to the Overlook Restaurant!

It was a few minutes after 9:00 AM. Members of the Southern Indiana Region, Porsche Club of America gathered at the Newburgh Lock and Dam for instructions and safety reminders before they would begin one of everyone’s favorite drives through Southern Indiana. The group would enjoy the twists and turns, elevation changes, and spectacular fall foliage of this perfect Saturday morning on the Ohio River Scenic Byway.

One by one, with Mark as the Leader and Dave as the Sweeper, the first group motored through the park gates and easily slipped into the stream of eastbound traffic.

Pause here for five minutes or so to let the first group to put a little distance between it and the second group….. 

Okay. Time’s up!

Mark led the second group. Mike acted as sweeper.

And they were all off to play in the leaves.

Mark leading Group 1 in his shark blue GT4 RS.

Scott in his Turbo S Cabriolet.

Jerry in his 911 Carrera.

Dean in his red Cayman.

Ryan in his 911 Carrera.

Mike and Lori

Alan in his 911 Carrera.

Doug in his 911 Carrera GTS.

Randy in his blue Boxster.

William Greg in his Boxster.

Joe and Jean in their Boxster.

Austin in his Boxster.

John and Diane in their Boxster.

Charles and LeAnn in their 911 Turbo.

Matt in his shark blue Spyder.

Brett in his red Boxster.

Dave acting as sweeper for Group 1.

Mark in his black and yellow Cayman leading Group 2.

Gary in his Boxster.

Steve in his Boxster.

Tracy in his sleek 911 Carrera.

Mike and Paula running sweep for Group 2.

Mike, Paula, Lori and Mike.

Ryan, Brett, XXX, Randy, Diane and John.

Dean, Mark, Scott, Bob, Tracy and Doug.

William, Eric, XXX and Dave.

Joe, Matt and Amber.

Austin, Mark and Jean.

Lea Ann, Sally and Gary.

Steve, Terry and Jerry.

Bob taking photos.

The cars picked up a lot of leaves on this drive!

Even the GT4 RS.

On the way home, Charles and LeAnn, stopped for a picture with their car.

Bob’s shark blue Turbo S by the Ohio River.

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