2023 Event Photos

First Saturday at D-Patrick

Pictures from our annual SIR Porsche gift giving to Warrick County Department of Child Services. DCS provides help to children of families that are in need of Christmas gifts for the season. D-Patrick is again sponsoring the event and providing a lunch catered from Acropolis. Always a fantastic event with our Porsche Club providing a great community service!

D-Patrick and our SIR Porsche Club coming together to provide support for those in need in the local community.

Gifts for the children in need by the tree.

Macie with her grandchild. How beautiful!

Cheryl and Gail in the spirit.

Porsches loaded with gifts.

Mark and Scott – what a great event.

Manuel and Harley.

Terry, Paul and Carolyn.

Norm and Phil.

Eric and I’m not sure who this is.

Jeff and I’m not sure who this is.

David and Damien

Laura, Michael, John and his wife.

Jerry, Lea Ann and their family.

Benny and Lee Ann

Criss and his grandchild. A very happy grandfather!

This event is just so cool.

Austin, Amber and Matt.

Mike, Cheryl, Dave, Robert, Gail, Dawn, and Teresa.

Dee Dee, Mike, Cheryl and Dave.

Kim, Mike and Donna.

Don and Donna. You just have to love Kentucky fans!

Jerry, Alan and Susan.

Mike and Dean.

Dean and Dave.

Paula, Rich and Mike.

Mike, Terry, Dawn, Teresa and Robert.

Randy enjoying the festivities.

Cheryl talking with the DCS representatives.

Rich and Cheryl with the DCS folks.

Damien talking with the group.

What a team!

Our version of a “bucket brigade” passing the gifts to DCS vehicles.

Filling up the DCS vehicles with toys, clothes and games!

Jerry, Mark and Dee Dee.

Mark and Bob.

Kelly and Michele.

Debbie and Eric leading the way through the buffet.

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