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Member Profiles Spouse/Partner: Macie Yelton


PCA member since: 1991

Current Porsches:
1991 944 S2 coupe, 1997 993 Carrera 4S, 2015 Panamera GTS

Why these?
The 944 is my first Porsche and got me started on this Porsche thing. Although not a hotrod its balance and handling are exceptional even by today's standards. It has classic lines; I still find myself turning around to check out its curves as I walk away.

The Carrera is best described as alive; the sounds and the feedback from the steering wheel and tires are excellent. Of course, I love its looks also. One of the finest of Porsche's air cooled offerings.

The Panamera has been an excellent daily driver; it has high performance levels and is an excellent cruiser with a great sound system. It is an excellent Porsche for someone slipping into senescence!

Orthopaedic physician

Other interests:
Music, exercise, reading

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