Member Profiles
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This is a representative sampling of the 78 primary and 54 affiliate members of the Southern Indiana Region (as of February, 2020). Members are invited to submit information and photos of themselves and spouses/significant others to webmaster Jerry Jindrich who will prepare their Member Profile pages. If information is provided for both member and spouse, each name and related contact information will appear in the listing below.

Member profiles offer help us all to get to know about each others' interests, professions, and backgrounds (and if you are new to the Porsche and/or PCA family). Consider sharing your information. Tell us as much or as little as you are comfortable posting online.

Officers for 2020
President: Curt Hamilton
Vice-President: Rich Gustafson
Secretary: Manuel Ramirez
Treasurer: Criss Yelton
Event & Membership Chair: Mark Roethemeier
Safety Chair: Chris Hancock
Social Media Chair: Mike Mammoser
Newsletter Editor: Dave Hostetter
Webmaster: Jerry Jindrich
Public Relations: Scott E. Klueh
Past President: Phil Green

Personal Profiles
Davenport, Rick
Donnelly, Bob and Marie
Dora, Kelly
Dornburg, Paul and Carolyn
Fatland, Dale
Flesburg, John and Lori
Green, Phil and Dawn
Grimes, Bret
Gustafson, Richard and Heidi Dunniway, M.D.
Hamilton, Curt and Emily
Hancock, Chris and Diane
Heathcott, Todd, Ann and Bryce
Heim, Kurt and Valerie
Hostetter, Dave
Huey, Scott
Hunt, Micheal
Jackson, Jeff and Debbie
Jindrich, Jerry and Susan
Klueh, Scott and Linda S. Barth
Maier, Gary
Myers, Bob and Melinda
Ramirez, Manuel and Dee Dee
Roethemeier, Mark and Cheryl
Southwell, Tom
Tennyson, Benny and Lee Ann
Yelton, Criss

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