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Member Profiles Spouse/Partner: Emily Hamilton

Curt's email:

Emily's email:

PCA member since: 2016. I truly appreciate the SIR PCA.
Owning the car would not be as fun without it for sure!

Current Porsche(s):
2008 Carrera S Cabriolet (Guards Red/Brown)

2018 Cayenne GTS (Carmine Red) with adjustable ride height

Why this car?
Kind of a long story. My first car was a 78 Datsun 280z, which I absolutely loved for its power and surprising legroom and comfort (I'm 6'5"). I later had a '96 300zx which also fit me well. It was bright red with T-tops, and I loved that car. With growing children, we sold it and I ended up driving more family-friendly vehicles. When the youngest of our 4 children went off to college, I started thinking about owning a sports car again. I didn't want something with a bunch of useless accents and doo-dads like a new Camaro or Corvette. I have always loved the elegant look and style of the 911 - understatedly practical but beautiful - but surely out of my reach. And from the looks of it likely too small.

Last summer I saw a cabriolet advertised locally. I asked my friend Mitch Deep if he liked his car, which led to an hour-long sales pitch on Porsche. A few nights later, On our way to celebrate our wedding anniversary, I asked Emily if we could stop by and take a quick look at the 911. Car fever was setting in. I needed to convince myself that there was no way I could comfortably fit into a Porsche. She agreed, but didnŐt want me to take too long. We were both hungry.

I told the salesman my plan, and he got the keys and moved the seat back. I climbed in, and surprisingly, the car was quite comfortable and roomy. He then showed me the best part - he fired up the sweet-sounding flat 6. We took it for a quick drive, and I was hooked. I wanted one.

Within a few weeks, I was able to find a non-dealer car in the color combination I wanted, the sport chrono package and PASM, and most importantly, a 6-speed manual. The seller had already taken the car to a dealer in Tennessee for a PPI, and shared that and all service records. I bought the car before even laying eyes on it. When we went to pick it up - wow. So much power I almost fishtailed it into ditch at the first turn on the seller's road. It is perfect. Still is!

Previous Porsche(s):
None. I had only ever driven a Porsche once, and that was a Panamera.

Curt: Personal Injury attorney in KY and IN
Emily: Occupational Therapist with Deaconess Home Care

Curt's interests:
Duke basketball and football (I'm an original Cameron Crazy), golf, travel, books, jet-skiing

Emily's interests:
Tennis, golf, travel, racing her husband on the Waverunners, making her husband nervous when driving the Carrera in highly spirited fashion.

One additional note:
When I joined the PCA soon after buying my car, I was assigned immediately to the KY section in Louisville. Not good, when the SIR region is only 10 minutes away. I was able to re-affiliate for convenience. There are a surprising number of Porsche owners and enthusiasts in Henderson. I strongly suggest either changing the name of the section (Ohio Valley maybe) or at least getting PCA National to include Henderson, Owensboro, etc into the SIR region. We have 4 Hendersonians now; perhaps more would join if it was more of a multi-state region.

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