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Member Profiles Spouse/Partner: Bethany Grimes


PCA member since: 2017

Current Porsche(s):
2003 911 Targa (Silver)

Why this car?
I decided it was time to put a sports car back into my life. Circumstances allowed me to get a close up view of a 997 Cabrio. I was encouraged to drive it, but declined. Several months passed, but I really couldn't shake the feeling from sitting in that car and regret from not driving.

Being mainly a motorcycle rider, while my wife is not, helped me rationalize an additional vehicle, so that she might be inclined to join me on an adventure from time to time.

The search was on, I was ready to go for a fly and drive for the right car. The net was cast, and narrowed down to two potential candidates. I opened a dialog on both cars, both being Targas. (Coincidental, I was looking for a coupe.)

Finally I settled on one in Florida, purchased the ticket, and drove home the Targa. The 800 mile trip back flew by. I'm thinking the right decision was made. Was convinced the decision was right when my lovely wife slid the roof back and let the Bose stereo loose.

Previous Porsche(s):
Recovering alfa-holic

IT Manager, EVAPAR

Other interests:
BMW Motorcycles, Bourbon, Travel

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