2015 Porsche Parade Thursday

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Thursday, June 25, 2015
This was the last day of Autocross action at the French Lick Airport and two of our members were competing. Thursday morning tours included another bus trip to various distilleries and repeats of the Ohio River Scenic Byway drive and the Huber's Orchard Winery and Vineyards drive.

One by one, autocross drivers took turns racing the clock on a narrow course stretching up and down the runway.

Terry Davis (in Paul Dornburg's car) waits for the signal to start...

... and runs the course in less than a minute.

Paul Dornburg took the car out and posted the second fastest time of the day, but lost points because his wheels extend outside the bodywork (OK for SCCA autocrosses but not for PCA).

Also at the airport, Michelin invited drivers to sample their Pilot Sport Cup tires on a short, twisty course.

The tires were mounted on new Boxster GTSs with PDK. Jerry Jindrich was impressed by the tremendous grip of the tires and the quickness of the Boxster.

Kelly Dora enjoyed his drive, too, but don't listen to any rumors that these two have been signed to drive at Le Mans in 2016.

Meanwhile, a small brass band played on the veranda of the French Lick Hotel.

Jeff Jackson had finished his autocross runs the day before and was enjoying the afternoon with Debbie.

A Parade Museum occupied one of the hotel ballrooms for most of the week.

Various exhibits and significant cars were on display to show highlights in the PCA's 60 year history.

Thursday was a busy day for many Parade goers, with a gimmick rally, a seminar, a Bloody Mary Demo and Tasting, Chef Tony's Italian Buffet, and another set of dinner cruises on Patoka Lake, in addition to the tours, autocross, and tire testing described above.

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