2015 Porsche Parade Monday

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2015 Event Photos
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Monday, June 22, 2015
Concours d'Elegance, Heritage and Historic Display, and 60 4 60 Circle of Honor

Heavy rains on the days leading up to the Parade saturated the golf course driving range where the concours cars were to be shown and judged. Those cars, plus the exhibit of Heritage and Historic Porsches and the 60 4 60 collection had to be shown in the hotel parking garage and in an indoor tennis facility. The lighting was less than ideal, but the cars, judges, and Parade attendees were dry.

The concours judges put in a long day of evaluations in serious, five-minute increments while anxious owners fretted about points earned or lost.

Hundreds of other Parade attendees simply browsed and enjoyed the wonderful variety of cars on display. Above, Kelly and Michele Dora examine a classic Speedster while Criss Yelton reads about an early 911.

The Heritage and Historic exhibit included a wide range of interesting Porsches, from this 1948 356/2 ("the oldest known 'True Porsche,' as the complete body, interior and mechanicals were fully made by Porsche in Gmund, Austria"),...

... to this awesome 917K from 1970 (1760 lbs, 645 HP @ 8200 RPM, 0-60 in 2.4 seconds)...

... to this incredible 214 MPH 918 Spyder.

There were fascinating cars everywhere you looked. All the Heritage and Historic cars were accompanied by panels explaining their significance.

Bob Myers and his friend Jason Lowder (far right) were having a good time.

Many cars just made you smile like Judy and Greg Collins.

There were smiles for our SIR shirts, too. Dave Hostetter proudly pointed at his own car in the shirt's photo. Some cars just made you say, "Wow," like the 1985 911 being checked out by JT Myers and Austin Payne. Its nose was covered in blue painter's tape to protect the finish. The owners had driven to French Lick from Clam Gulch, Alaska!

This GT1 appeared ready to race.

This 911 appeared ready to travel.

The Southern Indian Region invited My Classic Car host Dennis Gage to French Lick. Dennis will feature scenes from the 2015 Parade in an upcoming episode of his popular television program. He was quite taken by this 1961 356B Carrera Abarth GTL.

Just a guess, but odds are that Dale Fatland and Manuel Ramirez wanted to take turns in this 1985 959 Paris Dakar Rally car.

The Concours is a kind of amazing time traveling event. Porsches built in eight different decades all looked brand new, from the 1948 car near the top of this page, to these 914s from the early 70s,...

... to the very modern Cayman R.

Since 2015 marked the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of the Porsche Club of America, a group of cars were selected to represent each of those sixty years. Panels gave information about each car and its owners as well as news items and Porsche history from that year.

Jerry and Susan Jindrich's Carrera 4 was selected to represent 2001. Phil Green and Terry Davis stopped to congratulate them.

At the end of the day our own Keith Snyder won a 3rd Place trophy in the Concours d'Elegance for his 1979 930!

Monday's group dining options included BBQ & Blues on the patio at the French Lick Hotel or a dinner cruise. Two party boats slowly cruised Patoka Lake, giving ample time for diners to enjoy their meals and the scenery.

It was a relaxing way to end an exciting day.

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