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Many people volunteer time and use their professional skills to make participation enjoyable for all SIR members. My career was in graphic design, illustration, and web design. It’s what I know and it’s how I try to add to your positive SIR experiences. Many SIR members are at work on various projects to make 2019, our 20th anniversary year, very special. This is part of that effort.

SIR Visual Identity Program

When I was going through design school, major corporations around the world were adopting "visual identity programs". No longer was it enough to create a logo and simply reproduce it on stationery, advertising and building signage. Management learned that customers, investors and employees all responded favorably when companies made the effort to present a carefully coordinated corporate "image". By visually representing the personality of a firm and the nature and quality of its products, companies could help people understand, trust, and desire the goods and services they offered. Today, "branding" is the hot term for image-making, although branding has less to do with accurately representing a company and more to do with marketing.

IBM, CBS, the Bell System, and countless other firms embraced the idea. Car makers did, too, especially premium manufacturers like Porsche. Still today, when major new companies are formed a visual identity system is part of the process. Existing firms that find they are misunderstood or are thought of as outdated will try to identify and correct problems and dedicate a design team to develop the best possible new face to reflect the improved company.

The Southern Indiana Region, PCA, is not misunderstood or thought of as outdated, and we have have made an effort to visually coordinate most of the ways we identify ourselves. Our newsletters, website, Facebook page, and name tags work together to project an impression of quality, friendliness, and fun. What has been missing was a strong unifying element.

When I joined the club in 2010, SIR used a logo consisting of an Indiana state outline with a tiny PCA logo in the southwest corner. The words, "Southern Indiana Region" and "Porsche Club of America" formed a ring around the state. There was a drop shadow behind the state. The logo clearly stated the name of our organization and suggested where we were located. When used on stationery and newsletters relating to our activities, it gained meaning, but it was a rather quiet logo.
When designers set about to create a meaningful logo, they have to truly understand who and what the mark will represent and who the intended audience will be. In our case, we are a geographic region as described by the Porsche Club of America. We are a group of Porsche owners and enthusiasts from within the region's boundaries and from nearby communities who engage in sporting and social activities related to Porsche automobiles and our enthusiasm for them. Our audiences are our members, PCA, the Porsche company, and the general public.

When designers set about to create an effective logo, they must also know all the many likely applications of that logo so the design they create will work in all instances. Fortunately, we are a small organization and there aren't many different applications. Still, the mark has to work in a variety of sizes and in different kinds of media, and it helps to coordinate as much as possible.

The idea behind our new mark is simple. Most of our members come from the geographic area depicted in the logo. Most of our social and driving events take place in this same area. We clearly serve PCA members in parts of these three states with a welcoming attitude and well-organized events. While a logo could have been designed around almost any concept, this one seemed to be the most accurate and appropriate representation of our region.

Any logo seldom stands alone. Instead, it functions as a signature on various applications.. Here are examples that you may see in these or similar final forms in the next few months.

This may be more than you ever wanted to know about corporate visual identity, but people tend to equate quality with good design. That's why we make the effort. That's also one of the reasons we drive Porsches.

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