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New: Southern Indiana Region shirts and mugs! 
Susan Jindrich's Mail Pouch barn photo captures the spirit of our drives through scenic southern Indiana on some of the most entertaining roads in the country. We are using it on shirts custom printed for you by and mugs printed by Items sold by and earn small commissions which will come back to the Southern Indiana Region.

About shirts:
CafePress offers a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. Our shirt design comes in two versions with different colored lettering (yellow, dark red, and green lettering or yellow, black, and white lettering). Click on the link below to go to a store page on Jerry Jindrich's site to see what is available. Select a style of shirt to see the color choices for that style. Pick a size and place your order. It’s that simple. 

Note that the choices are mainly medium to dark shirts. Companies like CafePress will print a white layer first on dark shirts so colors show up well. On light colors, they often don’t print this white layer. Therefore, on a light yellow shirt, for example, whatever was white or grey in the original artwork (like the highway and the silver Boxster) will appear light yellow.

For T-shirts and Sweatshirts, go to:

About mugs:
We have one mug design which is available on steel travel mugs and classic china mugs. 

To see examples or ask questions, contact Jerry Jindrich.

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