Be sure our Newsletters reach you and your affiliate member. 

Each month Newsletter Editor Dave Hostetter publishes a new issue of the Porsche Pages
newsletter to give you current Southern Indiana Region news and commentary from the club officers.

The newsletter is emailed to you using the email address you submitted to PCA when you joined. If that email address has changed and you haven't updated the change on the site, you may not be receiving the newsletter.

Also, if you named your spouse/significant other as an associate member but did not supply her/his email address or if that email address changed, she/he is probably not receiving the newsletter. All PCA will show for that person in your account settings will be a member number followed by "" instead of a valid email address.

To assure delivery of our newsletter to you and your affiliate member, log into to check your email addresses, and change them if necessary. Only you can make these changes. PCA website security prevents Dave or any other SIR officer from modifying your account settings.

How to edit your Member and Co-Member information on

Go to the website

On the home page, click on the Member Log-In button near the top right corner of the page.

On the User (sign in) page, enter your username or email address and password. If you have not previously set up an account, do so now.

Your personal member page will appear with a row of tabs under the site's navigation links. The View tab will be selected. Click on the Edit tab.

On the Edit page two sub topics appear under the Edit tab. You will be looking at the contents of the Account topic. Check or, if necessary, change the email address. Make any other entries and changes you want on this page. Then click on the small Save button near the bottom of the page.

Go back to the top and select the Membership topic under the Edit tab. This page includes information about your Co-Member. Click on the Co-Member's designation (this appears in red after the words, "Family or Affiliate Member"). This takes you to a page with information about your Co-Member.

Find the row of tabs again and click on Edit. This takes you to an Account page where you can add or edit your Co-Member's email address. Find the Save button near the bottom of the page. You can enter or modify other information on the Account or Co-Member Profile pages, but do not forget to save the changes made on each page.

You can now Logout or visit other parts of the PCA website.

These simple steps help you.

The monthly Porsche Pages newsletter are timely and important communications from the Southern Indiana Region. Your officers want to keep you informed so your PCA experience will be as rewarding as possible.

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