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Membership Information

Here are photos from our annual dinner, held this year at the Evansville Country Club. Nearly three dozen members and guests enjoyed a memorable evening arranged by Judy Collins. Many thanks to all involved!

The following are cars at Hubers Winery, Oct 2010. There were cars from 
CIR, Bluegrass, Kentucky, and SIR attending. The Roethemeier
Cayman S is in good company sitting beside a genuine Speedster. The owner 
of this beautiful car got this car from his father who bought it new. 
It was fully restored at Stoddard's.....Porsches have always been great cars. 

The darker side of Porsche.....

A nice slatnose

New Cayman in Speed Yellow

Guess who's driving the orange Boxster?

We met Central Indiana Region at the Edgewater Grille in Newburgh
for lunch. A total of 48 Porsche enthusiasts enjoyed lunch overlooking 
the Ohio River on Sept 19, 2010.

White is nice....

SIR cars all parked together outside the Edegewater.

Some of the CIR cars. There were many more..... 

On the way to Jasper Strassenfest and the Schnitzelbank for lunch.
Aug 7, 2010

At the "Schnitz", great food.....and talk.

and the other table..... 

And back to the cars after lunch. A couple had already left the 
parking lot, but we had 11 Porsches that day. 

Recent pictures of Jeff Jackson in his GT3 at Putnam Park of a KYPCA DE event June 2010.
Interesting number, that 666. I'd say that car is a beast on the track.

Tech Session at D Patrick Body Shop on car detailing

Participants on the drive to the Overlook restaurant. Great day 
and great drive .

Mark Roethemeier with his Cayman S before the drive to the Overlook.

Two 911s and the local Warrick County Sheriff.  Hmmm, that car just 
looks like it is speeding........!

Micah Goodman, D Pat Porsche lead tech offering sage advice
at Tech Session as we begin removal process of head.

Dave Barton checking it out. Cams are out, head getting ready to 
come off

Time to eat at the Picnic at Audubon park. Great cars, great food,
and Porsche friends. 

Thanks to Criss Yelton for planning the event, and plenty of sweat and toil 
as he manned the grill. We had Dewig brats, hotdogs, and chicken, 
with loads of sides.  Yum...

Two new members....
Susie Vaughn in her blue Cayman S.
Jerry Jindrich with his nice green Carrera 4.
Great cars and great people...welcome to SIR.

Terry Davis's new 2010 Carrera 4S

And a contrast of old to new....Mike Lawrence brought his 1965 912.
It is clear to see the family resemblence after 45 years.  Wow! 

And what a treat to see the first Boxster Spyder in the area. John 
Nugent brought this after only having it  for a few days.A very 
cool car. Very nice in white.

And Alice Nugent also drove her car, the seal gray Carrera.
Definitely a Porsche family.

Next in line, Jeff Jackson drove his new to him 2007 GT3. He offered 
to let me sit behind the wheel. Jeff's driving position fit me like a glove,

Mike Fox's nice white SC next to the Roethemeier Cayman S.

Mike Chou drove his Turbo Cab.  It was a great day for a top down 

Dave Hostetter drove the farthest in his Boxster S from Olney Illinois.
It was good to see Dave

And the Tennysons drove their other Porsche, the Cayenne.