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Member Profile: Mike Peters

Spouse/Partner: Marcia Peters
email: mwoodfordp@gmail.com

Current Porsche(s): 2004 996tt

This photo shows the car in the pit lane garages at Indianapolis Motor Speedway at an August 2015 track event, which was a dream come true.

Previous Porsche(s):
1985 Carrera, 1989 Carrera, 1993 RS America, and 1999 996. The RSA was my favorite and was tragically destroyed in a traffic accident. Ironically after hundreds of accident free laps on track.

ER Physician at Deaconess Hospital

I am a long time PCA instructor for DE, and other than going to the track enjoy travel, motorcycling and skiing. I would be more than happy to talk with any member interested in getting involved with or going to a DE event. 

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