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Member Profile: Mark Roethemeier

Spouse/Partner: Cheryl Roethemeier
Mark's email:
Mark's phone: 812-454-3035
Cheryl's email:

PCA member since: 2009

Current Porsche(s): 
2015 Cayman GTS (Carmine Red/Luxor Beige)
1990 Carerra 4 (Silver/Black, 32,000+ Miles)

Why these cars?
My first car was a small mid-engined sports car and I have always enjoyed the sound and feel of having an engine up against my back. My 2015 Cayman GTS is nimble and balanced and begs to be driven on curved and twisting roads. The flat 6 with sport exhaust sings a very nice song! I ordered this car with the x73 suspension which lowered the car and improves the already good handling. The Cayman GTS also fits me very nicely sitting behind the wheel which is something not all cars do for me. The Cayman GTS still pushes all my sports car buttons!

My other and most recent car is the 2016 Spyder. The Spyder gave me the option of having an open top car. Neither Cheryl or I do well in the sun, but on the right day when the air is coolish, a drive in the car with the top down is just right. Considering I'm a big fan of the Cayman, this car has many of the same qualities.  The Spyder has a 3.8 litre engine used in the Carerra S with an  increase in power. With the top down, and the sport exhaust open, the sounds are intoxicating. This particular car is loaded with many accessories, including the performance suspension, and the car weighs in at a little under 2900 pds. Nimble and quick is a good way to describe this car. It has a stylish interior that I think matched up well with the GT Metallic paint. The other thing about a Spyder is that it is a limited production car with only about 700 produced worldwide in only 2016 which makes it unique.

Retired from Alcoa as a Project Analyst

Other interests:
Tutor math and teach trumpet. I enjoy and prefer the middle school ages. It is where the more difficult concepts begin and the students are still young and impressionable.

Music. I enjoy playing trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn in a variety of ensembles. I practice the horns everyday. It is a part of life! It has created good friends and takes me to many different places contributing with music.

Home Audio for listening to music. I've enjoyed listening to music since I was a teenager and had jobs selling HiFi while working my way thru college. The more real it sounds at home, the more I enjoy it.

Cheryl and I travel when possible. A cruise boat is the good life for us with good food, entertainment, and new ports to visit. We also try to find a destination or two to drive to every year.

Alfa Romeo. I've also an interest in Alfas and have had a few. I still have an Alfa Romeo GTV6. Alfas also have a great sporting tradition with an emphasis on engineering. I've spent a fair amount of time at home turning wrenches on these cars.

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