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Member Profile: John Flesburg
Phone: 812-550-7409
PCA member since: 1988
Profession: Mechanical Engineer, George Koch Sons in Evansville
Other interests: Scouting BSA (Assistant Scoutmaster troop 315 in Newburgh), Shooting Sports, Lionel O Gauge Trains, Mechanics, Engineering, General Tinkering (anything machinery oriented).

Spouse/Partner: Lori Flesburg
Phone: 812-604-6566
Profession: Mechanical Engineer, George Koch Sons in Evansville

Current Porsches:
2016 Boxster S (Guards Red)
1983 911 Turbo
(Grand Prix White)
1974 914/6 GT
(Guards Red - Custom)
1974 914/6
(Diamond Silver Metallic)
1974 911
(Guards Red)
+ a couple of project cars

Past Porsches:
Many 914 Parts Cars, but I've never sold a Porsche.  I keep using more and more garage space.

Favorite Porsche:
It has to be my silver 914.  I bought this car in 1987.  At the time, it was a four cylinder car with a 1.8 engine.  I drove it that way as a daily driver for many years.  In 1992, on a college kid's budget, I repainted it and did the best I could afford to restore it and keep the vintage feel.  I sprayed the paint in our garage and the paint still looks presentable 26 years later.  In 2006, I installed the current 911 3.2 engine and converted to 5-lug wheels and left hand ignition using all Porsche parts (from many different years and models).  A close runner-up would be the 2016 Boxster S.

Background/Why PCA:
I began my madness with Porsches at an early age when my father purchased his first Porsche in 1974.  It was a Sunflower Yellow 914-2.0.  That car has been heavily modified and evolved over the years and remains my track car to this day.  I joined PCA as an associate member in March 1988 when I was 19 years old in order to participate in PCA Drivers Education events.  At the time, my father and I were part of Potomac Region and drove on tracks such as Summit Point, Watkins Glen, and Mid Ohio.  My family then moved to the Chicago Area and we joined the Chicago Region where we drove on tracks such as Road America, Grattan, Blackhawk Farms, Memphis Motor Speedway, and Putnam Park.  It is during this time that we both became DE instructors for Chicago Region PCA as well as a group called TrackTime.  The family once again moved to the Kansas City area and we joined Kansas City Region.  While in that area, we drove on tracks such as Heartland Park, Mid America Motorplex (now called Raceway Park of the Midlands).  I met my wife while in Kansas City and married her in 1999.  In 2008, my family and I left the Kansas City area and moved to the Evansville area.  My father also moved from the Kansas City area back to Illinois.  I joined the Kentucky Region PCA primarily because they host Drivers Education events, and my father re-joined Chicago Region PCA.  We continued with DE events and returned to tracks such as Road America (Chicago Region) and Putnam Park (Kentucky Region) until my fathers' passing in 2016.  In late 2017, I moved my membership in PCA from Kentucky Region to Southern Indiana Region so that I can participate more readily in Region specific functions.  I know the folks over in Louisville (KYPCA) and will continue to participate in their events at Putnam Park, but I am beginning to look at some more of the social aspects PCA could offer.  I have a bunch of these cars but didn't know anyone in the area with similar interests or cars until I started attending SIRPCA events.  Over the years, I learned how to work on, modify, maintain, and restore Porsches.   Today, I do most all the work on all of my vehicles from simple oil changes to engine/transmission rebuilds to alignments to full restorations/modifications.

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