New Member Profiles

Member Profiles
NEW: members are invited to submit Professional and Other Interests information about their spouses/significant others to be added to their Profiles. Where we have information on both member and spouse, both names will appear in the listing below.

Officers for 2018
   President: Jeff Jackson
   Vice-President: Bob Myers
   Secretary: Manuel Ramirez
   Treasurer: Criss Yelton
   Event & Membership Chair: Mark Roethemeier
   Safety Chair: Dale Fatland
   Social Media Chair: Dee Dee Ramirez
   Newsletter Editor: Dave Hostetter
   Webmaster: Jerry Jindrich
   Past President: Scott E. Klueh

Personal Profiles

   This is a representative sampling of the 95 primary and 51 affiliate members of
   the Southern Indiana Region (as of January 1, 2018).  
   Members are invited to submit information and photos of themselves and  
   spouses/significant others to webmaster Jerry Jindrich for 
   their own Member Profile pages. 

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