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Recommended Day Trip
Casey, Illinois
Location:      Roughly 35 miles southwest of Terre Haute, Indiana (just off of I-70).
Distance:     129 Miles from Newburgh, IN (fastest route on Google Maps)
Travel time: Approximately 2 hours, 20 minutes (one way)

Casey is a small community that dates back to the 1850s. Oil was first drilled in the area not long after. A proper oil boom occurred around the turn of the century. By 1907 two thousand wells had been drilled in a 9,000 acre area between Casey and Westfield.

Today Casey is a bustling small town, trying hard to keep its people and businesses and maybe attract some tourists. The VP and son of the founders of a local oil and natural gas pipeline maintenance company decided to give back to the community with a truly big idea.

Sprinkled around the town are giant sculptures of common objects that have to be seen to be believed. Several, like the rocking chair above and the rake below, are Guinness World Record holders.

We saw a giant bird cage and the world's largest wooden shoes, mailbox and knitting needles.

Exploring Casey is fun. We were given a map showing locations of the giant objects at the Whitling Whimsey Restaurant. Also, there are directional signs here and there to help tourists find things.

This pencil is not the world's largest, but it's truly big.

This is the world's largest wind chime. It's in a garden beside the Whitling Whimsey.

Just behind the wind chime is a large workshop where the sculptures are created. This gavel, a golf club and two baseball bats were in various stages of completion when we visited. Interesting shops can be found around town.

For anyone looking for a very well done, totally fascinating, out-of-the-ordinary experience, Casey is worth the drive.

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