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Recommended Day Trips (this would be better as a two-day trip)
Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum
Location: Auburn, Indiana, just north of Ft. Wayne
Distance: 310 Miles from Newburgh, IN
Travel time: approximately 4 1/2 Hours (by the quickest way)

In May of 2008, Susan and I visited the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum. We expected to see examples of these three important

If you appreciate important marques in automotive history, a visit to Auburn, Indiana, is worth a several-hour visit. You will find scores of fascinating cars, shown in the former international headquarters building of the Auburn Automotive Company. Susan and I visited in 

Indiana enjoys a rich automotive history. If you appreciate classic cars, there are plenty for you to see...

While more than 40 of its cities manufactured automobiles, three of the most famous marques were produced in Auburn, Indiana: Auburn, Cord, and Duesenberg.

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