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2013 Event Photos
New Harmony 

The morning of September 21 was bright, sunny, and cheerful. We were eager for our first group visit to a New Harmony Kunstfest.

Our drive would include nine cars.

First, we had to check out a change to Scott Klueh's 2002 Cabriolet...

...which now looks a lot like a classic Speedster.

Then it was time for drive details and our departure.

Our lead car was a PT Cruiser driven by... No, wait. That can't be right.

In no time, we were rolling through scenic southern Indiana countryside.

Here and there, we had chances to appreciate Porsche "beauty" as well, such as Jeff Jackson's GT3,...

...Bob Myers' 944,...

...Phil Green's 911, and Criss Yelton's 911 Turbo.

It's a pretty short hop to New Harmony, but still a pleasant drive...

...and a truly unique destination.

After parking in an impromptu Porsche corral, Tom Southwell, Cheryl Roethemeier, JT Myers, Criss Yelton, Bob Myers, Phil and Dawn Green head for the festival.

Downtown streets and vacant lots were filled with festival booths offering food, arts and crafts, fall produce, antiques, custom golf carts, and much more.

Pamela Simpson, Susan Jindrich, Bob Simpson, Linda Barth and Scott Kleuh examine the wares.

Mark and Cheryl Roethemeier look for treasures.

Jeff Jackson found one.

We dined at the Route 66-themed Pop's Grill. At this table with backs to camera (L-R), Scott Klueh, Linda Barth, Pamela and Bob Simpson. Facing camera, Jeff and Debbie Jackson, Mark and Cheryl Roethemeier.

At the second table: Bob Myers, Tom Southwell, and Susan Jindrich are shown with backs to camera. Facing them
: Criss Yelton, JT Myers, and Dawn and Phil Green.

Beside serving as SIR-PCA Event Chairman, Mark performed for festival goers. 

New Harmony's Kunstfest celebrated the town's German heritage and was a natural destination for our Porsche club.

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