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2013 Event Photos
Nashville, Indiana 

The morning of March 24 was chilly but the weather forecast was sunny and so was our mood. 

Mark described our route to Nashville, Indiana, via newly opened segments of I-69 and passed out maps of a recommended scenic way home.

Dan Pearson filled in name tags for himself and Terry Lymme...

...and we were off,...

...heading north for the first 70-mile leg of our trip. 

You might think Interstate travel would be boring, but this stretch was new to many of us and we enjoyed the drive. Manuel Ramirez was obviously having a good time behind the wheel of his Targa.

The scenery still looked wintery but our line of eight Porsches was a pretty sight, including Mike and Vicky Fox's classic 911,...

...and Bob and Pamela Simpson's bright red Cayman.

It was too cool for Tom and Rita Southwell to lower the top of their Cabrio.

Judy Ridings and Dale Fatland were hard to catch for their photo op.

Soon we left the wide open road for something a little more challenging,...

...through rustic scenery...

...and zig-zag country roads.

The nice thing about back roads is that...

...they are full of playful surprises...

...and ways to enjoy your Porsche.

Finally, a rest stop. Wait! What do you mean, no restrooms?

Quick! It's not far to Nashville.

We found relief and the promise of a good meal at the Artist's Colony Inn. After ordering, Bob Simpson, Terry Lymme, Dan Pearson, Rita and Tom Southwell and Mark and Cheryl Roethemeier (L-R) discussed the drive and other topics.

At the other end of the table: Pamela and Bob Simpson.

At the second table, Susan Jindrich appears to be praying that her photos of the day's journey will turn out [they did–nice work, Susan!] while Dale Fatland and Judy Ridings (on the left) chat with Vicky and Mike Fox.

After lunch, we were free to visit Nashville's collection of arts and crafts shops and make our way home to Evansville. The afternoon was bright and sunny and in the mid-fifties. The next day, Nashville was covered in several inches of snow!

Time to head home. Time for a couple more hours of fun in a fantastic Porsche. The first road trip of 2013 was excellent!

©2013 Southern Indiana Region of the Porsche Club of America