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2011 Events
Le Mans Party 

Criss and Macie Yelton hosted our final event of 2011, a casual dinner and an exciting movie at their home near Audubon State Park. 

Macie invited Susan Jindrich, Judy Ridings, Barb Tennyson, and Dawn Green to a tour of her home...

...while Criss demonstrated the family's amazing music system to Mark Rothermeier, Ben Tennyson, Phil Green, and Jeff jackson. Criss has a clear preference for the quality of recordings on vinyl. We were impressed by his record collection.

In addition to the music, we were entertained by Mark's tale of selling his 1997 Alfa Romeo Spider.
After Mark's impressive demonstration of the Alfa's power and handling, the eventual buyer (a big fan of British sports cars) was quoted as stating, "That's no MG!"

Besides records, Criss collects Porsche calendars...

...and Porsche books.

In the Kitchen, Cheryl Rothermeier helped with final meal preparations.

Macie made every guest feel at home... we filled our plates with delicious treats.

The ladies, now joined by Debi Michelsen, dined and chatted around the kitchen table...

...while the guys carried their food to the darkened home theater to watch Steve McQueen's Le Mans.

Seeing a new Blu-Ray edition of the this classic racing film on Criss's giant screen was awesome.

For those who love Porsches and good company, our dinner and movie at the Yelton's was a superb ending to the year.

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