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2012 Event Photos
Terry Davis at SCCA Autocross 

SIR-PCA members find many ways to enjoy Porsches. SIR member Terry Davis and Kentucky Region member Paul Dornburg run Paul's specially prepared 911 in Sports Car Club of America autocross events such as one held September 30 in the Roberts Stadium parking lot. If you've never attended an autocross, the following pictures will give you an idea why the drivers are smiling and why they do this as often as they can.

This is obviously not your average 911, but you can enter the Porsche you already own.

A wide variety of vehicles may be entered in various classes. Your biggest concern is more likely to be the timekeeper's stopwatch and how to shave a few more seconds off your next run.

At the starter's signal, Terry launches the 911.

He sprints through a maze of cones...

...following a twisting and sometimes elusive path,...

...then flies along a short straight... another set of quick turns...

...and an adrenaline-fueled dash to the finish!

Yes, it's lots of fun. Just ask Terry.

Here's Paul Dornburg, taking a passenger around the course.

If you drive like this on city streets, the authorities may disapprove. To have a ball with your car in an appropriate setting and sharpen your driving skills, try an autocross. 

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