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2020 Event Photos
Antiques to take your breath away, continued...
Speed and elegance were clearly considered when the cars in this collection were being purchased. This Stutz just begged to be driven.

We might need a few instructions first, but the driving goggles are waiting for us (just beyond the steering column).

A group of number signs from the Great Race were mounted high on one wall. The Great Race is an annual event that lasts several days and can cover thousands of miles. All kinds of cars may enter but none can be newer than 1974.

At least three cars in the collection had competed in the annual event. This 1920 Essex Convertible had been entered five times, averaging 4,200 miles per event. Its most recent race was in 2004. It finished fourth, only 10 seconds behind the winning car.

There is a Great Race website, of course, with a link to a video of the 2019 race and information about the 2020 race. The video ( is a 43 minute high-resolution recounting of last year's race from Riverside, California to Tacoma, Washington. It features day-by-day events, great scenery, and participant interviews.

2021 Great Race will visit Owensboro
The 2020 race will run from San Antonio, Texas to Greenville, South Carolina (see 202 map: There will be an overnight stop in Owensboro, Kentucky! You might want to put that date on your calendar. Not all of the 100+ entries will be brass era antiques, but enough will be to make your visit worthwhile.

There were other interesting vehicles in the collection besides the racing and luxury cars. This surprisingly tall 1907 Locomobile Touring Sedan had once been fitted with a truck bed and used in business for 40 years. After retirement, the original body was remounted.

Newer cars included a Packard Woody Wagon from 1948 or '49, and a very stylish 1963 Ford Thunderbird Convertible.

The collection didn't seem crowded but there were cars stacked almost to the ceiling. Too many cars for this photographer to capture in the time we had.

After visiting this stellar collection of truly fine automobiles, several of us went to the Schnitzelbank in Jasper for lunch and then headed home.

Participating in this event were: 
   Don and Donna Brandenburg
   Randy and Stephen Brown
   Bob Donnelly and local friends
   Greg Eyer
   Dale Fatland and Judy Ridings
   Alan Fierst
   Phil and Dawn Green
   Rich Gustafson
   Jason and John Hoggatt
   Dave Hostetter
   Norman Hurst
   Susan and Jerry Jindrich
   Scott Klueh
   Mike Mammoser
   Mark and Cheryl Roethemeier
   Daniel Sargeant
   Emil and Jan Weber
   Joe and Jean Wolf
   Mike and Ashton Zehner

Please share your photos
If you were fortunate enough to have made this trip with us and would like to share any of the pictures you took, send some to me (Jerry Jindrich) and I will post them on the SIR website. Send a few of your favorites to

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