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2019 Event Photos
2019 Toy Drive
For our final gathering of 2019 we brought toys to the D-Patrick Porsche showroom. This year they would be distributed to needy children by the Department of Child Services.

We filled every cargo area we could find with a colorful assortment of toys and then visited with friends.

This Cayman GTS had two trunks: one in the front...

... and one in the rear.

Cayennes and Macans offered even more space.

There was lots of talking and gesturing...

... and lots of smiling, too!
Representatives of DCS explained their mission and thanked us for our donations.

Scott Klueh, Cody Ewers and Tony Ricketts thanked the women for their good work, asked us to pose for a photo before taking all the toys out to waiting vehicles, and reminded us that lunch would be waiting when we finished.

Happy SIR members posed patiently while visions of sugar plums danced in their heads. No, wait. Lunch had been prepared by The Acropolis Restaurant. Make that visions of baklava and other Greek treats.

Then the parade of toys began.

It didn't take long to fill this truck.

Contributing toys is always cheerful holiday project. It's fun to imagine the children's excitement.

Back inside: a spread of delicious food, thanks to D-Patrick Porsche.

There was plenty of food and lots of time to talk. 2019 was a pretty good year. Just wait for 2020!

On the way out, there were inspirational calendars waiting for us. Thank you, D-Patrick and Porsche!

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