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2019 Event Photos
Rough River Falls State Park, KY

Saturday, September 24. A line of fancy German cars has been positioned in a quiet neighborhood east of Newburgh.

Drivers and passengers, fresh from a delicious breakfast provided by Melinda and Bob Myers and received instructions from Event Chair Mark Roethemeier and Rough River Drive Leader Chris Hancock.

We enjoyed the company of PCA Zone 13 Rep Jack Stephensen who had driven down from Chicago to join us for this event.

And then we were off, headed east toward Reo, Rockport and the Highway 231 bridge.

Up and over, we dropped into Kentucky.

Left on 60. Right on 334. Pay attention. More turns ahead.

We dove deeper into sports car country.

There were curves.

And then there were faster curves.

There were curves with sudden drops. Can you find Mark's Spyder in this shot?

There were hills where the car in front of you seemed to vanish before your eyes.

When you topped those hills, you were likely to find the cars you were following far below.

We made a pit stop at this market. The Gulf logo was a fitting reminder of Porsche racing history.

Re-energized, we hit the road again.

This route kept us busy and entertained.

These Kentucky roads were fun.

We did have to pay attention.

Before we started this drive, Chris Hancock reminded us to be mindful of the drivers behind us. Pause, if necessary, at an intersection so the next person would not miss the turn.

Eventually, we followed the State Park road past the landing strip and up to the lodge.

The Rough River Dam State Park Lodge has always been a nice place to dine after an enjoyable drive.

The lodge food was good and reasonably priced. The view outside was very pleasant but most of us were engaged in cheerful conversation and spent little time looking outside.

In case you missed it.

Attending this drive were:
   Randy and Tami Brown
   Kelly and Michele Dora
   Chris and Diane Hancock
   Todd Heathcott
   Dave Hostetter
   Norman Hurst
   Jerry and Susan Jindrich
   Gary Maier and Guest
   Bob and Melinda Myers
   Doug Ramey and Luke Ramey
   Mark and Cheryl Roethemeier
   Jack Stephensen

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