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2019 Event Photos
Overlook Restaurant Drive, Leavenworth, IN
The morning of August 10 was bright and beautiful. 33 drivers and passengers were eager to begin one of our most popular drives. 2 couples would join us along the way.

We followed Indiana 66 past the Alcoa plant, through Reo and Rockport, and on toward Tell City along the Ohio River Scenic Byway.

The scenery alternated between heavily wooded areas, open farmland, and glimpses of the Ohio River.

Kurt and Valerie Heim were waiting next to Fat Daddy's Grill & Chill to join us in Grand View. Photo © Kurt Heim.

Kurt took pictures as we passed. Click here to see all of his shots. Photo © Kurt Heim.

The Heims then followed us into Tell City. Photo © Kurt Heim.

At our rest stop across from McDonald's, Bret Grimes deployed a drone to shoot stills and video. He gave us a view of ourselves we've never had before! Photo © Bret Grimes.

The unsuspecting humans below.

We continued through Cannelton and left the river to play in the Hoosier National Forest.

This is clearly a road for drivers. It was very popular with people who attended the 2015 Porsche Parade and is sure to be again when the Parade returns to French Lick in 2021.

It's always been a hit with SIR drivers.

Pay attention. Use all your skills. Be quick. Enjoy. Repeat.

We found sections of freshly paved road. Some had no shoulders and a big drop off.

We also found areas that had been prepped for new blacktop. We slowed down.

Past the tiny riverside town of Derby there is a surprise hairpin turn which leads to...

... this long climb that eventually leads to Sulphur.

Much of the pleasure of this drive comes from its seemingly endless twists and turns and changes in elevation.

The scenery changes, too.

Various landmarks add interest.

A few minutes beyond the barn is a steep, curving descent that can make you wonder if you entered a little faster than you should have. We were driving Porsches, but at some point the laws of physics can't be ignored.

We finally reached the Overlook Restaurant and its excellent view of the Ohio River.

The Overlook had a room and a buffet ready for us. The food was good and, after our exhilarating drive, the conversations were animated.

Afterward, we posed for a photo and made our separate way back home.

Those who lingered were captured in one more shot by Bret Grimes' drone. If you ever wondered what buzzards see as they ride thermals over this stretch of the river, this is it. Photo © Bret Grimes.

Participating in this drive were:
   Don and Donna Brandenburg (New Members)
   Randy and Shad Brown
   Mitch Deep
   Kelly Dora
   Mark and Pam Faris
   Alan Fierst
   Phil Green
   Bret and Bethany Grimes
   Rich Gustafson
   Chris and Diane Hancock
   Todd and Ann Heathcott
   Kurt and Valerie Heim
   Dave Hostetter
   Susan and Jerry Jindrich
   Mike and Kim Kinder (New Members)
   Mike Mammoser
   Bob and Melinda Myers
   Scott Klueh and Linda K. Barth
   Manuel and Dee Dee Ramirez
   Mark Roethemeier
   Ross and Kim Rudolph
   Joe and Jean Wolf
   Criss and Macie Yelton and their son

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