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Spring Drive to New Harmony

March 23 brought us a cool, sunny morning for our first drive of the new year. SIR members drifted in kind of slowly. The couple in the third car to arrive passed the parking lot, did a u-turn at the next light, and made a quick run to a nearby Donut Bank for coffee and donuts. In all, 29 people and 17 cars would make the drive.

It was good to see old friends again and to welcome new members to SIR.

Insurance forms were signed and blemishes were removed.

New Harmony was not far away but the trip would give us a chance to get rid of a few cobwebs. Also, Mark Roethemeier promised a new dining establishment. And then there are always the quaint shops to explore.

We followed our usual route west on Diamond Avenue/HWY 66.

The trees seemed bare but they would be green soon

The highway narrows to two lanes just before Parker's Settlement.

We passed farms on our way to Blairsville and Wadesville.

After Wadesville there were wooded stretches and a few gentle curves.

It wasn't long before we joined Highway 69, just north of New Harmony. 66 took a left turn and then a quick right to deliver us to the center of this historic town.

There  is a serious effort to keep New Harmony interesting. Even before all the trees have turned green and the flowers are in bloom, this is an attractive place.

Parking was no problem and neither was finding Mary Scott's Kitchen.

Scenic New Harmony is not very big and this was a quiet weekend.

We easily filled Mary Scott's Kitchen's tables. Thanks to Mark for making arrangements before our drive. The food was very good but we might have overwhelmed the chef with our 28 orders. We had plenty of time to visit and enjoy our meals.

After lunch, some people headed back to Evansville. Others drifted from shop to shop to see what was new. While Cheryl Roethemeier and Macie Yelton enjoyed some sun in front of an antique store, Mark and Criss hunted for vinyl treasures inside.

This was a pleasant way to spend a Saturday in late March and a good hint of the fun we will be having in the coming months.

SIR members on this drive:
Randy and Tami Brown
Bret Grimes
Chris and Diane Hancock
Dave and Katie Hostetter
Mark and Pam Faris
Dale Fatland and Judy Ridings
Scott and Genise Huey
Norman Hurst
Susan and Jerry Jindrich
Scott Klueh and Linda K. Barth
Mike Mammoser
Sonny Reisz and Nona Schoenbaechler (New Members)
Mark and Cheryl Roethemeier
David Skelton
Tom Southwell
Joe and Jean Wolf
Criss and Macie Yelton

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