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New Harmony & Kunstfest

Saturday, September 21 was the day for our annual drive to New Harmony's Kunstfest. We met near the 4-H Center off of West Boonville-New Harmony Road.

This was never a long drive, but Chris Hancock found an unfamiliar route for us to follow this year to make it fresh and a little challenging.

The recently restored giant Santa Claus waved as we turned west off HWY 41.

Fortunately, a train had just passed and was not parked at this crossing.

Soon we were enjoying Indiana's rural highways.

The late September weather was nearly perfect. (Photo by Kurt Heim)

Gentle hills and winding roads kept things interesting.

No Passing stripes spelled doom whenever we were blocked by local traffic.

This often led to shifting into Porsche's entertaining "Catch-Up Mode".

There were opportunities to wonder if we were still following the correct route.

This must be right.

With several chances to lose people at turns or because of slow local traffic, we stopped here and there for cars to rejoin the group. (Photo by Kurt Heim)

There was time for a photo while we waited for others to catch up.

The last leg into New Harmony was short.

Then it was time to ease our way through town to the Red Geranium.

Restaurant staff had roped off part of the parking lot for us.

There was room for all.

We had an hour or so to wander before lunch.

The Kunstfest seems larger each year with plenty of food booths and other vendors. We shopped.

We snacked.

We posed for pictures.

We walked and shopped some more.

We posed for more pictures.

We were tempted to snack again, but that might have spoiled lunch.

At 11:30, we met at the Red Geranium and placed our orders.

At this table (L-R): Terry and Sally Davis, Pam and Mark Faris, Macie and Criss Yelton, Gary Maier, Scott Klueh, and Dee Dee and Manuel Ramirez.

Here: Kurt Heim and his son, Melinda and Bob Myers, Joshua and Mike Shackleford, Doug Ramey's Guest, Doug Ramey, Valerie Heim and her daughter.

At this table : Don Brandenburg, Sonny Reisz, Nona Schoenbaechler, Donna Brandenburg, Rich Gustafson, Rich's Guest, and Norman Hurst.

Here: Jason and Cassie Hoggatt, Jean and Joe Wolf, Dawn and Phil Green, and Diane and Chris Hancock.

Lastly: Susan and Jerry Jindrich. Bret and Bethany Grimes were here, too, but had to leave early.

After lunch? Ice cream, of course, and another stroll through all the booths.
And then there was the lady who played the electric accordion. The Kunstfest just gets better and better.

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