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2019 Event Photos
Huber's Winery
Photography and captions by Kurt and Valerie Heim

The sun rises a little later in early October, but the 5th promised to be a great day. While the rest of the SIR cars formed up and rolled eastward, Bob and Marie Donnelly and Kurt and Valerie Heim prepared to meet them near Santa Claus, Indiana.

Mark and Cheryl Roethemeier in their Cayman GTS lead the group…

eastward on IN162…

winding through Lincoln State Park…

with David Skelton and Bob and Melinda Myers bringing up the tail.

A quick pit stop was made at the Marathon Stone Ridge Station near Santa Claus, IN for additional members to join the group and stretch the legs.

These Porsches were thinking did someone say “Parade”?

Holiday World must be close as the water tank comes into view as the group enters Santa Claus.

The group turns Northbound on Highway IN162.

That pickup truck leading (or holding back) the club in a sweeping right curve looks a little out of place.

With beautiful Porsches heading East on Interstate 64, there were uphill climbs… (photo by Kierstin Heim)

and downhill descents in the scenic rolling hills of the Hoosier National Forest.

Kelly and Michelle Dora are all smiles posing for an action shot in their Boxster.

Lovely tree lined road and rolling hills make for a scenic ride.

Lovely tree lined road and rolling hills make for a scenic ride.

The Winery visitors stop and take a look at the arriving Porsches from three different Club Regions.

Dozens of cars from the Southern Indiana, Central Indiana, and Kentucky Regions were on display in a “Field of Porsches”

A pretty diverse collection of models and colors were present.

Group photo time of the Southern Indiana Region before everyone disperses for lunch. What a great looking group!

   Don and Donna Brandenburg
   Randy and Shad Brown
   Mitch Deep
   Bob and Marie Donnelly
   Kelly and Michele Dora
   Rich Gustafson and Heidy Dunniway
   John and Lori Flesburg
   Kurt and Valerie Heim
   Norman Hurst
   Bob and Melinda Myers
   Scott Klueh and Linda K. Barth
   Manuel and Dee Dee Ramirez
   Mark and Cheryl Roethemeier
   Ross and Kim Rudolph
   David Skelton
   Joe and Jean Wolf
   Criss and Macie Yelton
   (and two unrecognized members whose names we will find)

Some of the SIR attendees enjoying lunch.

Great weather, driving Porsches, and hanging out with friends; what more could you ask for?

As the Heim’s and Donnelly’s headed home towards Jasper, Valerie was able to catch a great shot of Bob and Marie waving from their GT3 RS. (photo by Valerie Heim)

Special thanks to the talented Heim family for photos and captions.
Photos ©2019 Kurt, Valerie and Kierstin Heim

©2019 Southern Indiana Region of the Porsche Club of America