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Henderson, KY & Hometown Roots Restaurant

June 29 brought a beautiful summer morning to Henderson's Audubon Park. The good weather, the promise of a playful drive, and Mark Roethemeier's mouth-watering emails about a new Henderson eatery brought out 47 people and 26 Porsches.

Curt Hamilton described the drive that would take us in a huge clockwise 73.7 mile circle from Audubon Park southeast to Bryant, southwest to Robards, northwest to Corydon and on almost to the Ohio River, southeast to Geneva, and northeast to downtown Henderson. Of course, it was possible to drive directly to our destination in about 8 minutes (3.5 miles), but that wouldn't have been anywhere near as much fun. Curt, familiar with these parts, led the way.

"Buckle Up" is right. You may need to launch yourself to merge onto Highway 41.

Fortunately, the lead cars slowed early in to allow the rest to catch up.

Even then, the roads seemed to be filled with people pulling trailers.

There were some open spaces where you could blow out a few cobwebs.

There were also places where we bunched up.

The mix of narrow roads, normal roads, curves, hills, and obstacles kept us busy.

There were many short sections and sharp turns.

There were places where the car you were following just vanished, too.

Sooner or later, prudence would slow the pace.

Certainly, stop signs slowed things way down.

We found ourselves in truly rural country where little bridges have weight limits.

Curt's route had taken us west of Henderson.

Highway 268 ran parallel to the Ohio River and through the Sloughs Wildlife Management Area.

Not long after, we began to see signs of civilization, followed by the Henderson airport, and eventually, downtown Henderson.

The Hometown Roots restaurant was our destination. We would be sampling their "Southern Comfort Food."

They had opened at lunch time just for us and served a variety of family style dishes that were very pleasant interpretations of casual Southern fare.

We sampled deviled eggs, jalapeno creamed corn, southern style green beans, fried chicken, smoked meatloaf, and fried apples (and there was probably more items). It was all good.

Many thanks to Curt Hamilton for a memorable drive and for providing detailed maps so we try that circuit again whenever we feel the urge.

Drive participants:
   Don and Donna Brandenburg (New Members)
   Randy Brown and Shad Brown
   Terry and Sally Davis
   Bob and Marie Donnelly
   Mitch Deep
   Dale Fatland and Judy Ridings
   Rick Davenport
   Larry Ferguson & Mary Hathaway
   Mark and Pam Faris
   Alan Fierst
   Phil Green
   Bret and Bethany Grimes
   Rich Gustafson
   Curt and Emily Hamilton
   Chris and Diane Hancock
   Kurt and Valerie Heim
   Scott and Genise Huey
   Jerry and Susan Jindrich
   Gary Maier and Sharon Burks-Maier
   Bob and Melinda Myers
   Doug Ramey and Luke Ramey
   Sonny Reisz and Nona Schoenbaechler (New Members)
   Mark and Cheryl Roethemeier
   Ross and Kim Rudolph
   Gary and Rosie Stroud
   Criss and Macie Yelton

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