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Derby Party
The Churchill Downs track was wet and sloppy. The crowd huddled under umbrellas from time to time. The 145th Kentucky Derby post time was approaching. True race fans and a band of occasional race fans met at Dale Fatland and Judy Riding's home to watch the day unfold and to cheer for the horses and jockeys. Who knew the day would end in a major controversy?

There was food and drink and conversation for all. This party is all about friends sharing a pleasant afternoon with a little horse racing excitement thrown in.

SIR folks are simply good company.

Plus they bring delicious party food and tasty desserts. Here are Jean Wolf's Derby Pie and Susan Jindrich's brownies.

And they also know how to have fun.

As race time neared, people bought chances to win a small pot of cash rather than actual betting slips from the Audubon Park track. They, drew horse names from a basket and hoped for a winner.

We moved to the living room and its big screen TV while riders paraded and headed toward the gate.

They're off! However one jockey was thrown coming out of the gate. His mount ran the entire race without rider.

There was a large field and stiff competition.

Tension mounted.

Jockeys fought for the lead.

We were spellbound (sort of).

Maximum Security pulled ahead.

Dale was thrilled because that was the horse he had drawn.

The Winner! Or was he?

Dale had the winning name.

Scott began to distribute winnings to the people who held the first, second, and third place horses' names when a foul was claimed by jockey Flavien Prat on Country House.

Maximum Security was disqualified for changing lanes lane and obstructing other horses.  Long shot (65-1 odds) Country House was named the official winner.

Gary Meier was now the winner.

Someone was politely unimpressed by the whole affair.

After the race, the ladies hats were judged.  Susan won with a hatband commemorating previous Triple Crown Winners.. Finally, remaining brownies and pieces of Derby Pie were disposed of.

Many thanks to Dale and Judy for another enjoyable Derby party.

Attending this party were:
   Dale Fatland and Judy Ridings
   Susan and Jerry Jindrich
   Scott Klueh and Linda K. Barth
   Gary Maier and Sharon Burks-Maier
   Manuel and Dee Dee Ramirez
   Joe and Jean Wolf

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