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2018 West Baden Springs

August 11. The destination: West Baden Springs and another of our all-time favorite routes. Porsche drivers pulled into the Castle High School parking lot in a steady stream between 8:30 and 9:00. In all, 21 cars would start from Newburgh. Four more would join us along the way. Two more would meet us in West Baden Springs.

After all the signatures were gathered, Mark Roethemeier described the drive and Scott Klueh reminded us about safety. We drove north on HWY 261.

We got a taste of Indiana country roads almost right away.

The minor traffic "congestion" of Boonville gave us little to complain about, but traffic lights did break us up temporarily.

We formed up again on the east side and were on our way.

HWY 62 joined HWY 161 and gave us four right angle turns in quick succession..

Mitch Deep thought it prudent to hug the right shoulder to avoid these wide loads.

62 turned north and headed for Gentryville.

It was thoughtful of the Highway Department to build entertaining roads for us.

In Gentryville we slowed to pick up Bob Donelly and Gary and Rosie Stroud.

We turned east on HWY 162 into Lincoln State Park.

Railroad tracks? Yes. Just before the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial.

162 adds the name West Christmas Boulevard. as it leads into Santa Claus, Indiana.

Not long ago, 10 or 12 cars would have been a nice turnout. Today, we nearly fill the Citgo lot where we were joined by Mitch Griffin in his Lotus.

Soon we passed Holiday World and Splashin' Safari on our way to I-64.

In the mirror were Tom and Penny Miller and a long line of Porsches.

After a few miles, we hit I-64 and made a short run to the Birdseye exit.

We had to cross over the Interstate. Everyone was eager for what would follow.

I suggested to Susan that she should try to shoot cars sweeping around these curves and into the forest, but by the time we came off of the I-64 overpass, the lead cars had already vanished. This would be the invigorating part of the drive.

Highway 145 offers an incredibly entertaining stretch of road running north from I-64 to Birdseye. On this particular day, it was also very pretty.

However, drivers may have been too busy to enjoy the scenery.

Unseen and to our left, the Anderson River snakes alongside the highway.

Dave Hostetter was sidelined along this busy stretch but found a safe place to pull over.

Approaching Birdseye, we could see the line of Porsches behind us.

A not so subtle reminder greeted us.

We made a quick stop for cars to catch up at the Sonoco station. The photographers jumped ahead to set up for shots at a photogenic s-curve.

Minutes later, the lead cars swept past. See more photos here.

145 turned north toward Patoka Lake.

From there it was an easy 13 miles to West Baden Springs.

After a super drive, we passed through French Lick to West Baden and its famous hotel.

With the West Baden Springs Hotel in the background, we posed for a group shot made by a helpful hotel employee.

The West Baden Hotel never fails to impress, no matter how often we visit.

Our group of forty-three diners filled three long tables in the elegant Sinclair's.

Jeff Jackson welcomed everyone and made a few announcements.

Manuel Ramirez invited everyone to sing Happy Birthday to Scott Klueh.

We did, of course, and so began our festive lunch in West Baden Springs.

Here is a list of participants in this drive:

Top (L-R): Gary and Rosie Stroud, Dee Dee and Manuel Ramirez, Bob Donnelly.
Bottom: Kristin Haire, Chase Miller, Penny and Tom Miller.

Top (L-R): Tamara and James Shade, Debbie and Jeff Jackson, Tom and Jeanne Heltzel
Bottom: Melinda and Bob Myers, Doug Ramey, Alan Fierst.

Top (L-R):  Mike Mammoser, Rich Gustafson and Heidi Dunniway, Mark Faris.
Bottom: Kim Rudolph, Emily Hamilton, Kelly and Michele Dora.

Top (L-R): Curt Hamilton, Ross Rudolph, Mitch Griffin, Jim Huebner.
Bottom: Bethany and Bret Grimes, Jill Attaway, Norman Hurst.

Top (L-R): Mark Roethemeier, Scott Klueh and Linda Barth, Mitch Deep.
Bottom: Cheryl Roethemeier,, Susan and Jerry Jindrich, Joe and Jean Wolf.
Absent from lunch due to mechanical problems: Dave Hostetter.

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