2018 Event Photos
Rough River State Park

And now for something completely different. It was 9:00 AM on Saturday, May 19. The street in front of Bob and Melinda Myers' home was lined with Porsches. Ominous clouds drifted overhead to threaten our drive. Chris Hancock, an electrical engineer with a passion for motorcycles as well as Porsches, was the route planner and drive leader. As we would soon see, he knew some of the most entertaining back roads of Indiana and Kentucky.

Inside, Bob and Melinda have provided breakfast in the form of make-your-own breakfast burritos, fruit and drinks. Everyone is eager to go on our drive.

As people finished, they moved outside to discuss newly purchased gems.

Optimistic souls lowered their tops.

Mark Roethemeier reminded us about safety considerations and handed off to Chris who would lead the drive.

We began with flat Warrick County farmland under an uncertain sky.

Then the scenery began to change.
Straights grew shorter and ended at Stop signs. Turns were sharp and numerous.

Then there would be some open space and we'd sprint to catch up.

Due to the many Stop signs we encountered, the lead cars were often in view.

Drivers were kept busy.

Sometimes they could enjoy the scenery.

With all the twists and turns, it was easy to imagine riding these roads on motorcycles.

It was plenty of fun in our Porsches.

And this was all before we crossed the Ohio River into Kentucky!

Thanks to Bethany and Bret Grimes for capturing this picture while Susan concentrated on shooting and Jerry concentrated on driving.

Once in Kentucky, we left the main highway.

Kentucky seemed a lot greener than Indiana.

The pace slowed through some areas.

That allowed us to enjoy the variety of our 16 different cars.

Sometimes a moderate pace was simply prudent.

 Then it was time for a rest stop.

The remainder of the drive was hilly and quick, which made for a breathless finish.

Finally there.

And ready for lunch.

Scott Klueh expressed our appreciation for Chris Hancock's route planning and drive leadership. Everyone agreed.

We had developed an appetite and most people were quick to chose the buffet. This round table for ten made candid picture taking awkward. Starting with Linda Barth (far left, back to camera and sunglasses on head) and moving clockwise:  Melinda and Bob Myers, Gary and Rosie Stroud, Debbie and Larry Vandagriff, and new members Doug, Lisa, and Luke Ramey.

Scott Klueh and Mitch Deep dined at the table in the foreground. At the next table: Diane and Chris Hancock (backs to camera), and Bethany and Bret Grimes.

At a long table for ten: Debbie and Jeff Jackson, and Mike Mammoser.

Beyond Mike: Phil and Dawn Green.

Across the table: Mark and Cheryl Roethemeier, Norman Hurst, and (not pictured) Jerry and Susan Jindrich.

Many thanks to Bob and Melinda Myers for a tasty breakfast and to Chris and Diane Hancock for an entertaining drive. This was an entertaining and memorable day.

See photos of this drive taken by Bret and Bethany Grimes in the Member Photos section of our site.

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