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2018 Porsche Parade - Wednesday
Jerry and Susan Jindrich's Week

Susan and I had signed up for Wednesday's Warm Springs Ranch Tour. Again, the Camdenton High School parking lot would be our starting point.

A clean windshield is always important when taking photographs.

As we gathered for the drivers' meeting, the Michelin folks were setting up for a day of tire comparisons (you will drive a PDK-equipped Boxster with ultra-sticky Michelin tires through a short autocross route–they're impressive).

Once we had our instructions, everyone returned to their cars to wait for departures.

Wednesday's tour would head all the way up to I-70, west of Columbia.

The last stretch followed HWY 179 which is a fun, winding road.

We turned east onto I-70 for a few minutes, just long enough to notice Les Bourgeois Bistro on a bluff overlooking the Missouri River as we crossed the Interstate bridge. We took the Rocheport exit and looked for Les Bourgeois Vineyards.

The parking lot was already full of Porsches since the group that proceeded us was still finishing their meal.

A serpentine walkway led down to the Bistro. The climb back up after lunch threatened to be a long and hot walk.

The bistro offered a viewing point overlooking the Missouri River and the Big Muddy National Fish and Wildlife Refuge.

The bistro as seen from the end of the walkway.

Inside, we found buffet line with BBQ and all the fixin's, and met Parade-goers from around the Country.

The I-70 bridge was just south of us...

After lunch we made a quick sprint west on I-70 back to the HWY 179 exit and drove a short distance to the Warm Springs Ranch, a breeding facility for Clydesdale horses.

The pace here was slow and peaceful compared to the busy bistro. 

We were welcomed into a large, attractive, and very clean barn.

There was no doubt about whose Clydesdales these were.

The reminders were everywhere, including in an introductory video made from Budweiser commercials footage to put us the appropriate mood.

A cheerful guide explained the operations of the breeding farm and gave us a tour.

This was another day on the high 90s. Even the horses were hot.

The guide even explained how specialized transport equipment kept the horses comfortable and safe during their travels around the Country.

Back inside the barn, we were able to see mares and new foals,

Everyone was captivated.

At birth, Clydesdale foals weigh roughly 120 pounds.

The next-to-last-stop was for a free sample of cold Budweiser. The last stop was a souvenir shop.

This was a good tour, despite the heat. While there may have been more direct routes back to Tan-Tar-A, some drivers chose to return by the same route they followed to get here. It was that much fun.

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