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Photos and commentary by Mitch Deep

Saturday, July 7
After a donut and coffee and introduction of my older son to the Club, with plans checked, directions from Scott given, Richard agreeing, and Manuel coaxed to take charge, our Fellowship of Four took to the highway “looking for adventure in whatever came our way” searching for the “Mother Road” Route 66. 
Black Turbo, Red S, Red 4S and Platinum Metallic GTS spiritedly blast up the on-ramp to cruise I 64 anxious to intersect the famed Route to trek west and meet the 1000 Porsche horde at Parade at Lake of the Ozarks.

We stopped a short piece down the road, lost I wondered, or did someone, not me, need gas?  And off again.  At the next pit stop we regained our bearings “yes sir, two exits take a right” and find what you seek. Maybe we were lost, maybe not, but not to dispel my uncertainty the group voted me to lead this leg.  Me lead, throttle down I spurred the GTS down the S turn on ramp, thinking was that exit Lewis or Louis Rd. But nobody was behind.  Did I go wrong? Or are my buddies hesitate to follow? Or, I can’t imagine, are they slow? No way.  I counted the exits, yes two, yes Lewis, yes Red, Black, Red have blinkers on too. A quick, right, after first mistakenly going left, and a long looping curve. Yeehaw curves.

And there it was the old Keys Cafe, now Route 66  State Park Visitor Center, and site of the old Meramac River Bridge now a skeleton structure.   

A park worker discussed the history of the Route and took group pics. But at that point the conversation meandered to, of course, need for grub, yes the SIR modus operandi of travel, was a paramount consideration and BBQ was the local’s suggestion. We raided the gift shop and took a few more pics. And strapped into our chariots, the lead again assigned to the only guy who casts doubt on finding adequate BBQ north of the Ohio River especially in Missouri and slim to none chance to  find mutton. But not just any BBQ: Super Smokers World Famous Bar-B-Que.

No hesitation on the throttle and the chase was on.  We exited a few exits later, after everyone caught up to my silver flash, and yes the sign says “WORLD FAMOUS” with a gun shop across the road worth a comment. The flavor won’t match that found across our Twin Bridges and yes right again “What’s mutton” they asked? SIR members cleaned plates and ordered dessert for the road, stopping outside to check directions and more pics.

Interestingly Route 66 parallels I 44 with mere yards of turf between oncoming east bound travelers at points.  

Old signage of tourist attractions, greasy spoons and shells of old motels from by-gone days dot the roadway as evidence of traffic volume and death by Interstate to small town Americana. Not unlike the Disney movie Cars son Jeremy compares. And things do stay the same I thought as a tractor lingered in center of the roadway as we cruised the two lane that once crossed the country to California.

We left the slow life of two lane jumping back on I 44 to later exit to find the curves of Highway 17, to wind our way to Parade. Yeah curves and a fast moving truck trailering a boat.

The quest was now complete. The Fantastic Four sporting “SOUTHERN INDIANA REGION” windshield badges turn into the resort passing the welcome gate. Amazingly, brethren Porsche of all ages, colors and models are lining the roadway, parked in lots, and driving the roadway of Tan-Tara.

We rounded a corner to find Debbie waiving us in to join other SIR travelers, seats reserved, where else, but at the buffet, and each with their own stories.

Roads, parking spots, every nook and cranny in every direction as far as one could see, Porsche. Some from the furthest, unimaginable distance or Regions.  

The best parking space in front of the main lodge entrance is confiscated by Manuel but not to be outdone, mere spaces away, were Scott and Richard.

I found a special blue taped GT3M around the corner from my spot near the pool.

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