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2018 Event Photos
New Harmony, Indiana

September 15th was warm and bright, a perfect morning for our trip to nearby New Harmony. We signed forms, received instructions, and headed west on Diamond Ave./Indiana HWY 66.

The drive was not long. Many people took advantage of the easy distance and great weather to ride with tops down or sunroofs open.

We formed an impressive line once Evansville's last stoplight was behind us.

The short trip would give us plenty of time to sample the annual Kunstfest before lunch.

Indiana 66 gave a scenic view of southwest Indiana as the end of summer approached.

Some crops had been harvested already. Some had not.

We passed through a few small rural communities...

...and then continued along the pleasant two-lane highway.

This has to be why Porsche makes Cabrios and Boxsters.

Just a lovely day in the country.

It's not like the wild road from I-64 to Birdseye, but there are a few curves and hills.

Eventually, 66 met 69 and we would turn left toward New Harmony.

It was a busy intersection because of Kunstfest. So the Porsches began to stack up. While waiting our turn, we tried to count cars.

We lost count  but managed to photograph several cars with a cornfield for a backdrop.

Now positioned between two Macans, it was our turn for the last leg into town and to the Red Geranium Restaurant's parking lot.

Mark and Scott counted 28 Porsches plus Kieth Snyder's minivan.

Next, Mark counted people so he could give a head count to the restaurant staff for lunch. It was around 10:00 AM and we were told to meet again at 11:30 for lunch.

As we began to explore the arts and crafts booths we were entertained by a small parade of costumed soldiers and musicians.

Linda Parks had a booth featuring her paintings and decorated objects.

In the shop Creation Station we met Rick Gooden who builds beautifully crafted dulcimers. He uses a fret board innovation he calls a "whale tail". Like Porsche sport exhaust systems, this feature helps produce more pleasing sounds.

Scott Klueh and Aldo Ramirez sat in the shade and watched the people go by.

At 11:30 we entered the Red Geranium.

This spacious dining room had been set up for us but we spilled over into a second room.

On the left side of the first table, (L-R): Brent and Jenna Brooks, and Lisa and Doug Ramey
Right side: Alan Fierst, Diane and Chris Hancock, and Ann and Todd Heathcott

Left side of the second table: Tom and Penny Miller, Micheal and Pamela Hunt
Right side: Dawn and Phil Green, Christin Haire and Chase Miller

Left side of the third table: Judy Ridings and Dale Fatland, Emily Hamilton, and Kim Rudolph
Right side: Ross Rudolph, Curt Hamilton, and Mark and Cheryl Roethemeir

Left side of the fourth table: Kate and Jerry Fischer, and Marie Donnelly
Right side: Bob Donnelly, David Skelton and his daughter Heather Fife, and Norman Hurst

In the second dining room:
Top: (Clockwise from far left) Aldo Ramirez, Linda Barth, Dee Dee and Manuel Ramirez, Scott Klueh, and Dora Marquez Ramirez
2nd table: Benny Tennyson, Greg Collins, Judy Collins, and Lee Ann Tennyson
3rd table: Jerry and Susan Jindrich and Jean and Joe Wolf

Not dining with us but along for the drive:
Randy and Tami Brown, Gary Maier, Keith and Jill Snyder and their daughter
Wayne and Linda Parks (manning Linda's booth)

Not on the drive but in New Harmony to play in the Red Bank Reunion Band: Emil Webber (with Jan along for support)

After lunch we were free to explore and enjoy more of Kunstfest. That included shopping, of course (anything from Halloween decorations to a wide selection of imported German mustards, to fresh-squeezed lemonade to fresh ice cream).

You could have wandered back to see Linda Parks' booth to look at those Porsche paintings again. She is quite willing to take on commissions to paint SIR members' cars.

You could, however, just relax on a bench in the shade and listen to a brass band for a while, a band featuring our own Mark Roethemeier and Emil Webber.

Your photographer didn't know Emil was hidden behind Mark when he took these shots.

The small but enthusiastic crowd enjoyed a song that might have been called the "Woof Woof Song" so much that we asked for it a second time, sure that it must really be named the "Wolf Wolf Song. Joe Wolf volunteered to lead the audience in the parts where "Wolf! Wolf!" needed to be called out.

Now, that's entertainment.

With the sunny day, mild temperatures (in the shade), very pleasant dining at the Red Geranium, and a greater assortment of booths to visit and items to purchase, this year's Kunstfest seemed better than ever.

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